QuickBooks is one accounting software that allows users to not only tackle general day to day accounting tasks but also helps to keep track of their payroll activities by easily getting integrating with payroll application that the user has subscribed to. Once integrated, user needs to provide numerous imperative details about its employees so that a proper payroll system can be set up. For this purpose alone one of the most important data is the Employee Identification Number that needs to be added to the company file so that proper consolidation of the employee data can be done.

At times user is left standing with two EIN, which, however do not work with every payroll subscription especially with Enhanced Payroll subscription with QuickBooks Desktop. This particular subscription of QuickBooks Payroll does not allow user to process two separate W-2s form for two different EIN but one single employee under one company file. User can get in touch with the IRS or their personal accountant to figure out whether they will be required to prepare one or two W-2s for the employee. In case the user is not required to prepare different forms for two EINs, then the user does not need to generate a new company file. But it is imperative to make the change of EIN in the company file before proceeding forward. Once the steps detailed below are followed correctly the user will be able to generate W-2 forms for both the EINs.

Before going for the resolution of this problem, there are certain facts that should be kept in mind:

  • User should have possession of the new EIN along with the date on which change in EIN is generated.
  • This new EIN generated doesn’t automatically constitutes as a Successor for the previous one. Examples of sectors generally using this option are mergers & acquisitions, sales wherein the business faces frequent changes. User should get in touch with their IRS or Accountant to figure out whether the EIN (new) will be considered as successor or not.

Steps to Add EIN    

  • In case a company changes EINs and the new EIN does not get considered as a successor, the old EIN and new EIN are considered two separate entities.
  • As QuickBooks Desktop version with Payroll Enhanced subscription is structured to tackle only one EIN for one company file, it cannot separate the information from the old EIN to the new one.
  • In order to create two sets of W-2 forms for employees, user must generate a new company file for the new EIN.
  • At the end of the year, user can print a set of W-2s for each company file – one set for the old EIN, and the other set for the new EIN.
  • Any transactions that were entered into the old company file after the EIN change must be removed prior to printing W-2s.
  • If the above step is not followed the old company’s W-2s will have information that belongs in the new company and the W-2s will be incorrect.      

The above steps should help to add the EIN to the company file of QuickBooks software. However, if the user require more information on the same they should connect with QuickBooks customer support team who are adept in providing feasible solution for almost all kinds of QuickBooks issues and problems.

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