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User Query: I am using QuickBooks Desktop 2021 and when printing from QuickBooks, the Printer Setup window does not open, and QuickBooks unable to print PDF, what to do, how to set up new printer to QuickBooks Desktop?

To connect a brand new printer to Add a New Printer in QuickBooks correctly, you must install the relevant drivers and software. You can find the right tips and tricks for QuickBooks printer setup instructions here.

quickbooks printer setup
  • The QuickBooks software ensures all the imperative financial information of the business is stored in one place creating a centralized storage portal.
  • They can add printers and other device that helps to print reports and other document of a financial nature. This can be done by installing new printers and integrating them with the operating system of the computer and thereby with QuickBooks software.
  • Once the printer is successfully installed and connected to the system user will be able to print the documents and reports easily.

User Query: What to do my QuickBooks Desktop Printer Setup Window Does Not Open.

Ans: There can be many issues but most common is Qbprint.qbp file may be damaged. What you can do to fix it is, go to control panel of your desktop. Select Printers and Faxes. Choose dialog window from it. Make a right click on a working printer. Select Set as Default Printer. Now Close the Windows Printer and Faxes. Open your QuickBooks and open the Printer Setup window to verify changes.

Steps to Set Up a Printer in QuickBooks:

Follow the instructions listed below to learn how to add a new printer to QuickBooks

  1. The first step to add a new printer to the QuickBooks software is to connect both the printer and the computer system through a USB wire in the open port of the system.
  2. Next, hover your mouse over the icon of ‘Start’ and click on it followed by locating the option labeled ‘Devices and Printer’. Next on the new window select ‘Add a New Printer’ to connect.
  3. From the option showcased on the new screen select ‘Add a Local Printer’ and then click on the ‘Use an Existing Port’ option. Move to the next step by selecting a tab called ‘Next’ which will result in a new window called ‘Driver’.
  4. in this new window called ‘Driver’ select the options related to the new printer’s model and make from the long list of devices. Then click on the ‘Next’ tab to download and install all those drivers that might be required for the successful function of QuickBooks software.
  5. Now the last step is to set the QuickBooks software with the new printer for which the user needs to open the software and select the report or file required to be printed. After selecting the file, from the menu bar select the option ‘File’ followed by ‘Print’ option. From the drop-down menu select ‘Printer’ and then the name of the printer that will be used to print the document or report. Now just click on ‘Print’ to send the document to print.

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How to Make Your Printer Default in QuickBooks?

Sometimes Print is unavailable to create a QuickBooks printer configuration window. Sometimes, the QBprint.qbp file is not able to be created by QuickBooks.

If this is the case, you must change the printer in QuickBooks.

  • Print your documents with ease by navigating to the File menu and clicking on “Printer Setup.”
  • Here, you may choose the Form Name, the Transaction, the Printer Name, and the Printer.
  • Click the File option in QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Then, choose “Printer Setup.”
  • You can now select the transaction from the Form Name drop-down menu
  • Click the “Printer Name” drop-down menu to choose the printer.
  • Finally, go to the OK button.

If you are having trouble setting up a printer in QuickBooks, try the following:

  • On a Windows PC, go to the Control Panel.
  • Then go to Printer and Faxes.
  • Then, right-click the active printer and choose the dialogue window.
  • Now, select the Set as Default Printer option.
  • Then, right-click on the dialogue window and choose the active printer.
  • To verify your modifications, return to the printer setup screen.

How to Ensure the Printer Is Correct

Not able to print?

Check to ensure the correct printer:

  • Go to the File menu in QuickBooks and select Printer Setup.
  • Fill out the form that you want to print.
  • Select Help in this section for further information on these options.
  • Print a document on a different printer.
  • Open File, then Printer Setup in QuickBooks.
  • Print the document that you want.
  • Select an alternative printer, such as the Microsoft XP printer.
  • Select Help for further information on the available options.

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Note: Is the printer’s name the same as the name of the printer you are attempting to use? If not, you have to first update the configuration in your computer’s Printer Setup.

If the Above Steps do not Solve Your Printing Problems, We Have Another Option.

Is the printer a device that installs itself or is it part of a network?

Local: Your computer or printer might be having a problem. Check to see if the computer and the printer are connected. For further information, consult the manual on how to fix problems with your printer.

Network: Check your network settings to make sure they are accurate. It’s usually a lot simpler than you might expect.

If you want to address printing issues in QuickBooks, be sure to designate the printer as the default.

The above steps should help to add the new printer with QuickBooks software. However, if the QuickBooks software user is still not able to print through that printer or QuickBooks cannot print to PDF and related errors, they should connect with the QuickBooks team at the live chat option on our website –

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. After the Update, the QuickBooks Printer Setup not Opening I can’t Print Anything From QuickBooks.

    If you are running Windows 10, remove the Settings option to “let Windows manage my printer.”

  2. How to Connect a Printer to QuickBooks Wireless?

    Installing a wireless printer in QuickBooks may vary depending on the printer manufacturer. Modern printers, however, are capable of detecting your network and automating the installation process. Here are the steps to connect your wireless printer to QuickBooks.

  3. How do I add a printer to QuickBooks desktop?

    To access the File menu in QuickBooks Desktop, navigate to the “Printer Setup” option. Next, pick the desired transaction from the Form Name drop-down menu. Finally, select your preferred printer from the “Printer Name” drop-down menu.

  4. How Do I change the default printer in QuickBooks desktop?

    1. Navigate to the “File” menu.
    2. Choose “Printer Setup.”
    3. From the “Form Name” drop-down, select your desired transaction.
    4. Use the drop-down arrow in the “Printer Name” menu to pick the printer you want to set as the default for that form.
    5. Click “OK.”

  5. How do I find my printer in QuickBooks?

    Within QuickBooks, access the File menu and opt for Printer Setup. Choose the specific form you intend to print. Ensure that the printer name precisely matches the name of your preferred printer. If there’s a discrepancy, you may need to rectify the settings in your computer’s Printer Setup before proceeding.

  6. How to Connect a Printer to QuickBooks Wireless?

    Installing a wireless printer in QuickBooks may vary depending on the printer manufacturer. Modern printers, however, are capable of detecting your network and automating the installation process. Here are the steps to connect your wireless printer to QuickBooks.
    1. Enter the wireless setup through the printer’s LCD or touchscreen panel. For my printer, this is under Setup > Wireless LAN Settings.
    2. Choose your Wi-Fi network. The SSID of your home network can be found by hovering your mouse over the Wi-Fi icon in the taskbar.
    3. Specify your network password.

  7. How to Set a Default Printer on QuickBooks Desktop (using Windows 10)?

    You can select a default printer by clicking the Start button followed by Settings. You can select a printer from Devices > Printers & scanners > Manage. Click Set as default. Choosing a default printer on your own is not possible if you have Let Windows manage my default printer selected.

  8. What are the steps to resolve printing issues?

    Before trying to fix a problem, be sure to investigate the following.
    1. Make sure QuickBooks updates are ready to install.
    2. Your printer is connected to your computer, and you can use the printer software.
    3. You may check for specific printing problem messages on this website.

  9. What are some tips to fix printing issues on my computer?

    Other ways to fix printing issues are:
    1. Try printing or saving as a different form, standard form, or report if you’re using customized forms or memorized reports.
    2. Make it easy to print a single form in QuickBooks. To print an entire batch, make sure you have your printer on the most advanced settings.

  10. How do I print checks from QuickBooks desktop?

    1. Select Bank from the top menu, then select Write Checks.
    2. Check out the options for printing a check from
    3. Please enter your check number in the First Check Number field if necessary, then press Print.
    4. Select the check style (Voucher, Standard, or Wallet), and make sure that the correct printer name is displayed. Then select Print.

  11. Why is My Printer not showing up in QuickBooks?

    Turn off the printer, restart your computer, and then turn the printer back on. Then make sure the printer paper is loaded correctly. When using Windows get to the Control Panel by clicking on Start and then browsing to it in Control Panel. Double-click Printers and Faxes if it no longer works online.

  12. How can you rename the QBPrint.QBP file to resolve the printing issue?

    Follow the steps mentioned below to manually rename the QBPrint.QBP file:
    1. Rename the QBprint.qbp file by right-clicking it.
    2. Include the term “old” in the file name (i.e.QBPrint.qbp.old)
    3. Follow this link to re-login to your QuickBooks Desktop.
    4. Select Printer Setup from the menu.
    5. Click OK when you select any transaction from the Form Name list.
    6. Then this will create a new QBprint.qbp file.
    7. You won’t have to do this every time you buy something.
    8. Visit at any time.

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