How to Add a New Printer in QuickBooks?

Add a New Printer in QuickBooks

QuickBooks is an exceptional accounting software incepted to aid accountant, bookkeepers and business owners all over the world in completing accounting tasks without much hassle. The software is outfitted with powerful tools and features that together ensure effective and efficient recording of accounting activities. The QuickBooks software ensures all the imperative financial information of the business is stored under one place creating a centralized storage portal. They can add printers and other device that helps to print reports and other document of financial nature. This can be done by installing new printers and integrating them with the operating system of the computer and thereby with QuickBooks software. Once the printer is successfully installed and connected with the system user will be able to print the documents and reports easily.

To do the same, follow the instructions listed below:

  1. First step to add a new printer in the QuickBooks software is by connecting both printer and the computer system through a USB wire in the open port of the system.
  2. Next hover your mouse over the icon of ‘Start’ and click on it followed by locating the option labeled ‘Devices and Printer’. Next on the new window select ‘Add a New Printer’ to connect.
  3. From the option showcased on the new screen select ‘Add a Local Printer’ and then click on ‘Use an Existing Port’ option. Move to next step by selecting tab called ‘Next’ which will result in new window called ‘Driver’.
  4. in this new window called ‘Driver’ select the options related to the new printer’s model and make from the long list of devices. Then click on ‘Next’ tab to download and install all those drivers that might be required for successful function of QuickBooks software.
  5. Now the last step is to set the QuickBooks software with the new printer for which user needs to open the software and select the report or file required to be printed. After selecting the file, from the menu bar select the option ‘File’ followed by ‘Print’ option. From the drop down menu select ‘Printer’ and then the name of the printer that will be used to print the document or report. Now just click on ‘Print’ to send the document to print.

The above steps should help to add the new printer with QuickBooks software. However, if the QuickBooks software user is still not able to print through that printer or QuickBooks cannot print to PDF and related errors, they should connect with the QuickBooks tech support at +1-855-481-5335 and live chat option on our website –

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