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Most of you might come across problems in QuickBooks Invoice and wonder about the resolution to fix the issue. In this article, we would help you identify, fix the problem and guide you with processes implicated in QuickBooks invoices such as payment methods, refunding payments reapplying payments etc. In case, you want to help with the standard procedure for receiving payments and creating invoices overview the Accounts Receivable. Our QuickBooks is also always available to fix the problem by providing accurate solution and guidance.

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Access Multiple Payment Methods to QuickBooks Invoice

  1. Create a cash payment item.
  2. Create the Invoice.
  3. Record the payment.

Resolve and Re-apply Payments Applied to the Incorrect QuickBooks Invoice

If you locate QuickBooks to apply for payments automatically, the payments will be posted automatically to the previous invoice. Some company might not want payments posted in a similar order. Following the given steps helps you to re-apply payments to the right invoices without disturbing your reconciliation.

  1. Open the QuickBooks invoice that the payment has been applied to
  2. Go to the tab Reports and then click Transaction History
  3. On the window ‘Transaction history’, choose the payment and then click Go To
  4. On the window Customer Payment, from the invoice(s), eradicate the checkmark(s) that the payment must not be applied to.

Note: You can edit the amount (if necessary) in the payment part by selecting the amount and modifying it.

  1. Put a tick mark on the QuickBooks invoices where the payment must be applied to.
  2. Click Save and New
  3. This applies the payment to the QuickBooks invoices you choose and eradicate it from the original QuickBooks invoice it was applied

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To Set the Payments Choice

 To remain QuickBooks software from applying for payments automatically, you require.

  1. Choose Preferences from the Edit menu
  2. Select Payments on the left window, and then visit the Company Preferences tab
  3. On the field ‘Receive Payments’, Mark or unmark the automatically applied payments as a choice

Edit the Customer Payment Which was Incorrectly Recorded

  1. Locate the QuickBooks invoice with the wrong applied payment amount. The invoice has a Paid trample on the window.
  2. Click Transaction History from the Reports tab.
  3. On the Transaction History, check the payment line and select the Go To button.
  4. Modify the payment amount to the received amount
  5. Click Save and Close
  6. Click Yes in Recording Transaction screen

Refund a payment to permit the customer to pay with a separate payment method

  1. Execute the refund process for the original payment
  2. Remove the Credit Memo connected with the refund. This un-link both the transactions.
  3. Choose original payment, unmark the invoice and verify the refund. This links the payment to the repayment and keeps the invoice open.
  4. Pay the original QuickBooks invoice by using the new or replacement payment method.

Hope you are having no further problem with QuickBooks invoice after performing the given solution.  Nevertheless, you might have some other doubt and unable to solve the QuickBooks invoices problem, in such case, immediately connect with QuickBooks professionals to receive top-notch support services and assistance round the clock.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does QuickBooks automatically apply Payments to invoices?

    When you perform a QuickBooks payment, it automatically posts the payment to the oldest open invoice. Some businesses may not want payments posted in this order. For example, you can re-apply your payments using these four steps without affecting your reconciliation to any of your data.

  2. How do I apply a payment to a different customer in QuickBooks?

    1. Select + New.
    2. Under Customers, choose Receive Payment.
    3. Select the name of the customer the credit was transferred from.
    4. Under Outstanding transactions, check the journal entry you created.
    5. Under Credits, check the credit memo you need to transfer.
    6. Select Save and close. …
    7. Select + New.

  3. How do I move a payment to a different invoice in QuickBooks?

    1. In your QBO account, go to the Sales menu.
    2. Choose the Invoices tab.
    3. Select the transaction you want to transfer and click the Edit invoice button.
    4. Under the Customer dropdown menu, change the name to which you want to transfer the invoice.

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