How to Backup QuickBooks Desktop to Flash Drive

User Query: I used to be able to backup my data with my previous QuickBooks Desktop by inserting a flash drive. I’ve upgraded to QuickBooks Mac desktop and am having trouble backing up my data. Is there a way to make that happen?

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Intuit has developed the QuickBooks app to ease small and medium-sized businesses accounting. It is popular for its powerful features and advanced tools to help you out with your accounting needs. You will have peace of mind knowing that all your company’s financial information is stored securely on Intuit’s servers. It’s important to create a backup for your company data in case the file gets damaged. This article will show you the different aspects of backing up QuickBooks data and also an easy step-by-step process for it.

Why to Transfer QuickBooks Data on a Flash Drive?

QuickBooks creates backups in the formats (.dmg) and (.qbb). This kind of backup prevents you from making any changes to the file. You cannot edit these files manually, and thus they stay safe. The files are regularly used, and that too by multiple users. If a user makes mistakes or edits their file, it can result in severe consequences for your business. In addition, company files are also susceptible to damage and corruption from a third-party application, viruses, etc. Replacing those files with saved copies makes you safe from these risks, but if your hard disk crashes you still stand a chance to lose all your data. When you transfer QB data on a flash drive, your company data is safe even if your hard disk gets damaged.

Are You Looking for a Safe Place to Backup your QuickBooks Data?

Then here is the solution for all your problems regarding the backup of QuickBooks data. The solution is to know how to backup QuickBooks to flash drive & keeps your data safe and secure.

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With this, you can back up QuickBooks data to your account whenever you want to. The situations when you require to restore your data are:

  1. In case of any error or issues
  2. When the local backup is damaged
  3. The backup you try to restore is missing or not working
  4. Malware or virus attack and many other problems.

So, when you restore QuickBooks company file do save it on a flash drive or USB. You can also directly backup the QuickBooks company file to flash drive. Then also restore it anytime as it keeps your data safe and secure.

Below you get the elaborated process for how to Backup QuickBooks to a Flash Drive and how to restore QuickBooks company file using a flash drive.

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How to Backup the QuickBooks Desktop Files to Flash Drive?

The backup of QuickBooks is important when there is any problem with your account or company file. So, you must restore QuickBooks from a flash drive. If you store it in a flash drive or USB, then it is beneficial for you. So, must backup your data in a flash drive also.

To Back up the QuickBooks Desktop To a Flash Drive the Steps are :-

  1. First, insert the flash drive into your computer
  2. Then Run the QuickBooks Desktop software
  3. Now open the Company file in the software
  4. Click on the File menu option
  5. Select the option Create Backup from the drop-down menu
  6. After that, choose the Local Backup option
  7. Then Choose Options
  8. Go to the folder in your network or system where you must save the QuickBooks Backup file that you are doing
  9. Choose a location and then click on the button OK.
  10. Click on the Save the Backup now and then click on the Save.

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Easy way to Restore the QuickBooks Files using Flash Drive

quickbooks data transfer to flash drive for backup
save quickbooks file to flash drive

When the user wants to restore the back. But the backup in the local drive is missing or corrupted and if users have a backup in the flash drive. Then they must use the flash drive to restore the data in QuickBooks. To do this there are few steps with that you can do it easily. So, the steps are as follows: –

  1. Initially, you must insert the flash drive into your system
  2. Open the QuickBooks Desktop software
  3. Click on the File menu option
  4. Further, select the Open or Restore Company option
  5. Now choose the option to restore a backup copy (.qbb)
  6. Click on the Next button
  7. You get a window name Open backup copy window
  8. You can click the drop-down arrow and check the location where you have saved your backup file if you want to check it (optional)
  9. Click and select the .qbb file that is the QuickBooks backup file
  10. Then click on the Open button to open it after that click on the Next button
  11. Go to the location where you want to store this file and click on the Save button
  12. Choose or select the backup file then click on the button named Save.

In conclusion, you get information on how to backup QuickBooks to Flash Drive and also about how to restore the QuickBooks Company File using the Flash drive. Follow the detailed process to get it done easily without facing any problem.

Still, you have any questions or queries then connect with our QuickBooks Helpdesk team. We are available 365 days a year. The team expert knows how to fix the glitches you are facing and how to tackle the major or minor situations of QuickBooks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this solution of backup MAC QuickBooks to flash drive works on all Windows system and QuickBooks versions or editions?

Yes, it works for all the MAC (Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey) & Windows operating systems (such as Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10). It also works for all QuickBooks editions like Pro, Premier, enterprise, etc. with any version like 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, or below.

Why to backup or restore QuickBooks to or from Flash drive?

By backing up in a flash drive it keeps your accounting data safe and secure. With this, you can easily restore the backup whenever required. You can also use the backup of a flash drive in an emergency or when the local backup does not work.

What if I got an error, problem, or issue while backup QuickBooks to flash drive?

In this case, try to fix the problem and then continue backup the QuickBooks. But still, you are not able to resolve it then reach out QuickBooks helpdesk team via email o live chat for an instant solution. You can also speak with our LIVE CHAT host to get in touch verbally about the error to have its solution.

How do I back up my QuickBooks MAC desktop data to a thumb drive?

Thumb drives are commonly formatted with the MS-DOS file system. If this is the case, reformatting them as HFS+ is a smart option. Apple’s Disk Utility application can help you with this.

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