How to Cancel Payroll Service in QuickBooks

How to Cancel Payroll Service in QuickBooks

Payroll service is an add on application that can be integrated within the QuickBooks in order to complete the payroll activities and transfer salaries to employees without requiring to put much of the manual effort. User can either go for any other third party payroll service or choose a subscription of Intuit’s payroll services which actually more beneficial as it can get integrated within the software quite smoothly without creating any ruckus for the user due to mismatch of system requirements and connectivity. Its recommended to get connected with QuickBooks payroll support & service subscription once bought can be easily renewed automatically. User has the option of canceling this auto renewal option if they so wish to do.

Generally the user opt out of auto-renewal of payroll subscription when the following services are no longer needed:

  • Printing of imperative forms like W-2s for the year.
  • Generating paychecks for the employees.
  • Generating quarterly state or 941 forms.

[In case user has employed the Assisted Payroll subscription which they want to cancel, they need to get in touch with Intuit’s Assisted Payroll Service Cancellation team.]

In order to cancel the payroll subscription follow the steps illustrated below in the same sequence:

  1. Open the QuickBooks software, navigate to Employees tab from the main menu bar,  followed by My Payroll Service option and then click on Account / Billing Info tab.
  2. Next provide the user login credentials for the Intuit account which will open the Account Maintenance screen.
  3. Under the new window called Service Information, select the link labeled Cancel.
  4. Lastly follow the instructions displayed on screen to cancel the payroll subscription.

With cancellation of the subscription many users have questions regarding the amount that will get refunded. As per the policy followed by Intuit, if the user cancels the subscription within 60 days of purchasing the software, the cancellation of the service will be immediate and the refunded amount will be 100%. In case the user wishes to employ the subscription till its expiry date only, they can opt out of auto-renewal option from the form itself. If the user cancels their payroll subscription after 60 days of purchasing, they are accorded with the option of cancelling the auto-renewal of the payroll subscription and can employ the service till its expiry date but would not be able to get any refunded amount.  

In order to keep a track of the refunded amount and check the status, user needs to follow below detailed points:

  • User can track the status of their payroll service cancellation refund amount through their bank statement or online banking activity. The amount refunded is usually sent back into the account or credit card used to purchase the subscription.
  • Another way of tracking is by visiting the personal account of the user with Intuit. They need to navigate through Intuit Order & Payment History option.

In case user requires anymore information or support regarding the cancellation process of Intuit Payroll Service, you can connect with the QuickBooks technical support team setup by Intuit for the same purpose. The team is made up of proficient individuals adept in all spheres of Payroll and QuickBooks as well.