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The bill payment via checks is one of the common methods in the Change Check Number in QuickBooks accounting system. When storing the checks in the software it is an essential task to store them in sequence. If in any case, these check numbers do not appear in the sequence. Therefore the users may need to change the check or the beginning check numbers when printing or writing the checks. The below article is rounded up with the guide to change the check number in QuickBooks.

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There can be many instances or scenarios when you need to Change Check Number in QuickBooks the check or the starting check number before printing or sending. Thus, this can be done by two methods. One is through editing the check number using the QuickBooks menu or when printing the specific check.

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How to Edit the Check number in QuickBooks Desktop?

  • Firstly Locate the Banking menu
  • Next, you can search the User Register Window
  • Search the check you need to edit
  • Now save the applied modifications
  • Here are the detailed instructions:
  • Open QuickBooks Desktop on the system
  • Search the menu named Banking from the top menu bar
  • Next, choose the Use Register option
  • Now you are needed to choose the account with paychecks & check
  • Once you are located then hit twice on a paycheck and check to launch them
  • Next click the field labeled Check Number
  • Now you can write the right check number in the box
  • Once you completed the changes then close the prompt
  • If Windows appears then click on the Yes tab to save the applied changes
  • In this method, you can edit the beginning check number in QB desktop.
  • Now you are required to open the check using the Banking option and perform the needed modifications to the check.
  • Next, you can proceed to send the check to the desired individual via QuickBooks

During printing the checks modify the starting Check number:

In case you are on the Windows named create payments or you need to edit the starting check number during printing then it is quite easy. Here are the steps:

  • Locate the menu named Banks
  • Hit Print checks tab
  • Select the Record Bank Drafts option
  • Ensure you have chosen the Print Checks & EFT notices tab in the Payroll
  • Fill in the needed details on the button
  • Once you are in the option named Format
  • Now move to the left corner to choose the option labeled Payment type
  • Fill in the correct numbers that appear on the right corner in the box named Starting payment number
  • After this hit Create Now/Create Later

Seeking Help?

In case you encounter any error while changing the check numbers there might display errors. For example, the check numbers failed to display in sequence when you print the check using QuickBooks then you can seek the expert’s team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions related to: how to change check number in QuickBooks.

What things do I require to consider before deleting checks in QuickBooks?

1. The Delete tab will display when you choose the check
2. Printed checks can be deleted only on the payment date
3. You can delete the direct deposit checks till the submission day at 6.59 AM

Can I void a Blank check in QuickBooks?

1. Yes, here are the steps:
2. You require generating a check with a $0.00 amount
3. Locate section named Expenses
4. Allot a checking account & fill in the payee name
5. Once you entered all the needed information you have to hit on the Edit button
6. Choose the option labeled Void Check

How can I delete a payroll check in QB online?

1. Locate the Employees button on the left corner
2. Hit on the Paycheck list below the option labeled Run payroll
3. Choose the paycheck that you need to delete
4. Click the Delete option at the bottom
5. This process cannot be reversed hence when the window appears you need to decide carefully and write the checkmark
6. Hit option which says “Delete Paycheck”

How would I set the preferences while Editing check numbers in QB?

1. Login to the QB online account
2. Choose icon named Gear on the top right
3. Hit on the page named Account & Settings
4. Next switch to the tab which says Sales
5. Choose the “Sales form Content”
6. You need to ensure the option labeled Custom transaction numbers is chosen
7. Hit Save tab
8. Click on the Advanced button on the same Window
9. Hit window labeled other preferences
10. Now you require to ensure that  you choose the option named Warn if a duplicate check number is used
11. Select the Save tab to save the applied tasks
12. At last hit Done option

Can I print the checks in batch?

Of course, here are the steps:
1. Hit on the Banking tab from the menu bar
2. Choose option named Write Checks
3. It will launch the Write Checks Page
4. Choose the checkbox named Print later appears right side to the print icon
5. Now close the Page
6. Next hit the File button
7. Choose option labeled Print Forms
8. You can either select Check or paycheck as required
9. Click on the bank account
10. You require to choose the check you need to print
11. Write the check number in the field named First Check Number
12. Click Ok
13. Next, choose the desired check type & also ensure that the write printer appears
14. Now click the Print button

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