To Choose QuickBooks Enterprise or Not? for Small Businesses

QuickBooks, a cutting edge accounting software by intuit, can offer real time solutions for small and medium size businesses. QuickBooks is available for multiple platforms. You can access it on mobile, desktop as well as from the cloud. QB has three different versions namely enterprise, Pro and QuickBooks Premier. You may subscribe to Simple, Essentials or Plus for online version of QuickBooks.The enterprise version is made to cater for multi-users in medium or large organizations. It offers more powerful tools with the same elegant and simple look and feel.

Below are the functions which make QuickBooks Enterprise a great: –

  • Its secure server enables you to surpass the 250MB data limit of Pro and Premier.
  • You can add up-to 30 users. The administrator can even maintain other users.
  • You can add many more custom fields than the other two fields. In enterprise you can create 15 custom item fields and 12 custom name fields. It enables you to create drop down options. You can even search and filter these fields.
  • 14 predefined users, make it easier and faster for you to add new users.
  • It can track hundreds of thousands of transactions. A feature that will surely come in handy for most medium and large organizations.
  • Advanced Reporting, a functionality available for free in Enterprise enables you to make much better reports. This robust reporting functionality can give your business an edge above its competitors.
  • Graphs and Tables are a great way to represent your data. They enable you to view and analyse trends. Enterprise makes it easy to create graphs and tables and can handle a colossal amount of data.
  • Get instant QuickBooks Enterprise support from US based technical experts is free in Enterprise but involves additional cost in other versions.

Though Enterprise offers many great options, it does cost a lot. With the new system of subscription it has started to cost even more. Many times it becomes exorbitant as the cost starts outweighing the benefits. Many businesses would be fine with 3-5 users and may not need more than 250 MB of data storage space. To many Advanced Reporting may seem redundant as they might use QuickBooks only for recording their transactions.

QuickBooks Enterprise is simple to use with an elegant and user-friendly interface and provides users with real-time solutions but despite its features you must analyse if it works for you or not as Pro and Premier also include many great options for small businesses.

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