It’s incredible how QuickBooks has helped small and medium-sized businesses continuously improve. The Windows version of QuickBooks performs best. Since there is no Chromebook for QuickBooks that is compatible with Chromebook systems and cannot operate, if you require QuickBooks for a Chromebook, you will need to use QuickBooks online. Therefore, running QuickBooks on a Chromebook necessitates a cloud-based solution, allowing you to host QuickBooks on the device and access it via an app or web browser.

Using QuickBooks Online

The best option, in this case, is QuickBooks online, which isn’t a perfect substitute for the Windows version but is pretty much the closest thing you’ll get to the entire QuickBooks experience short of purchasing a PC and running Windows on it. Thankfully, using QuickBooks Online is not too difficult.

Due to the workforce’s shift toward distributed and collaborative workspace, the business has altered significantly. Cloud technology is a crucial component of these places, which also increases productivity in commercial settings. The choice is between doing that at home or at work.

Enterprise-class computing has traditionally been powered by investments made by corporations in traditional operating systems and hardware. These need to be upgraded for upcoming requirements and are also pricey.

Additional expenses include expensive maintenance fees for software licenses and corporate standards for security, control, application delivery, etc.

Additionally, users of conventional devices like PCs and laptops occasionally run across issues. They must consult an IT specialist in these situations to solve the issues, reinstall the program, or repair the components.

As a result, the expenses associated with purchasing, deploying and maintaining such devices increase. Security is still another vital concern for consumers of conventional gadgets, in addition to the cost. This means it might be difficult to maintain all of the devices in your organization up to date with the current security requirements.

As a result, your company will suffer a huge loss in productivity. Therefore, lowering prices and introducing end-user hardware that boosts productivity and security would result in success.

Describe the Chromebook

Chromebooks are notebook computers that run the Google-developed operating system Chrome OS. Fundamentally, these gadgets are made for data and cloud-based applications. In contrast to conventional computers, you can use a Chromebook to perform all of the tasks you would typically perform online. This can be watching videos, reading emails, or surfing websites.

Keep in mind that your Chromebook runs web applications rather than software utilized by conventional devices. For instance, instead of using Microsoft Office to generate documents, you may create and share files online using Google Docs and Google Drive. Thus, Chromebooks are simple to use and allow you to store your data online.

Therefore, you don’t need to be concerned about losing files or data. However, the main drawback of utilizing a Chromebook is that only a few web applications are available. So, a Chromebook might be a good choice for your company. This is in case your staff wants simple computers to conduct web browsing and work on straightforward files.

Is QuickBooks Better on a Chromebook?

Even while QuickBooks hasn’t been particularly tailored to work on Chromebooks yet, it can nevertheless satisfy the needs of small business owners. Users of QuickBooks for Chromebooks can at the very least maximize their time and money by using straightforward reporting options. Even from the platform, users may create and manage bills. With a remote desktop connection, you have even greater power and flexibility.

Users pay a much less price to use the entire feature set. Even the most resource-demanding version of the application can operate without a hitch on a Chromebook because it does not affect the Chromebook’s processing capability while running. So long as it is compatible with QuickBooks, and makes Chromebook for QuickBooks okay.

Is a Chromebook a Reliable Alternative to Your Main Work Computer?

Depending on why you need a computer, you might prefer to utilize a Chromebook instead of a PC as your primary work computer. If you wish to automate the most fundamental business procedures, a Chromebook may be the perfect answer. These can include cutting down on paperwork, communicating electronically, working together on projects, etc.

Furthermore, Chromebooks can improve your in-store experience if you own a front-line business like a store. This is due to the fact that it will enable your sales team to employ technology and provide higher-quality services

For instance, installing Chrome within your shop would enable clients to order products that aren’t offered nearby. Additionally, you can utilize a Chromebook to physically show your items to customers if you sell them a web-based solution.

You can even assist them in opening an account on a Chromebook, offering the client a useful experience.

In addition, you can save money on office rentals by providing Chromebooks to your remote employees. Only if your company uses a lot of web-based apps is this feasible. Thus, a smooth transition to virtual offices can be facilitated by the use of Chromebooks with G-Suite. This is so that law enforcement personnel who are working remotely can quickly access the apps they require and communicate with other police using Chromebooks.

Key Features of QuickBooks for Chromebooks

  1. Instant accessChromebook for QuickBooks can give you immediate access to your files. You can access your account to work from any device that is connected to the internet thanks to cloud accounting.
  2. Automatic backups: When you use QuickBooks Online, your data is backed up every day. You’ll have figures that are current.
  3. Invoicing: You can quickly create and email invoices and receipts.

How Should QuickBooks Be Used on a Chromebook?

Without a doubt, QuickBooks Online is a flexible solution that works with a variety of gadgets, including Chromebooks. However, it has noticeable flaws when compared to the Enterprise and Desktop versions. QuickBooks remote access can be used to reduce some of these. For Chromebook users, it is still not a very dependable solution and needs to be used sparingly, if at all. This is especially true for security reasons.

Remote desktop access is the final way to use QuickBooks on Chromebooks. The most effective, dependable, and secure way to access QuickBooks is through this.

How Do I Get QuickBooks to Work on a Chromebook?

Running QuickBooks Online on Chromebook hardware is really simple. You can continue with the QuickBooks license once you’ve satisfied the system prerequisites. The license enables you to activate QuickBooks. After that, you can purchase a cloud hosting plan and upload your data there. But there are a few benefits and drawbacks to running QuickBooks on a Chromebook, which we will review in more depth. If you’re wondering how QuickBooks functions on a Chromebook, the steps are detailed here.

Step 1: Get a QuickBooks Online license

You can use any device to view the firm files by purchasing its memberships. You only need to worry about the connection and speed of the internet. You are permitted to utilize QuickBooks on a Chromebook if your system complies with the requirements.

Although QuickBooks Desktop has more functionality, Chromebooks can only support the online version of the software. Therefore, there’s a potential that running QuickBooks on a Chromebook will leave you without a few functionalities. We’ll go into more detail about the benefits of using QuickBooks on a Google Chromebook.

Benefits of QuickBooks Use on a Chromebook

  • Because QuickBooks Online only needs a browser, which can be used on various devices, you will be able to access your company files from any location and using any device.
  • You won’t need to go through the laborious process of downloading and installing a QuickBooks program if you use an online version.
  • Since QuickBooks Online automatically backs up corporate files to Google Drive, you don’t need to bother about doing it.
  • Utilizing QuickBooks Online is simple. You only need to purchase a subscription. No agreements will bind you.

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Step 2: Get the Cloud Host 

As was already mentioned, QuickBooks Online doesn’t have many intelligent features to provide. All you need to do to utilize Chromebooks for QuickBooks is to host the program and a cloud service. You may use Chromebooks to access all the smart features in this way. To obtain the cloud host needed to use QuickBooks on Chromebooks, let’s follow these steps:

  • You must buy the most recent version of accounting software in order to use QuickBooks hosted on Chromebooks. This ought to be acquired from a reputable website or licensed vendor.
  • The cloud host can then be chosen after that. Ensure that the chosen cloud hosting company offers dedicated and private cloud hosting services. Your data will be kept safe and secure as a result of this.
  • The cloud host will next upload the QuickBooks software to the cloud and activate the QuickBooks license you purchased. The software license will be granted as a result.

The service provider notifies you of how to access your corporate field and work on the files once they are ready on your cloud. The hosting company will also have a program to access the cloud-based files. Additionally, you will get your login information so you may access your cloud-based files. You can also use QuickBooks on a mobile device, if necessary.


One of the best accounting programs available today may be accessed on laptops, smartphones, tablets, and PCs. An online version of QuickBooks can be useful if you have a Chromebook and wish to use it. Here, we’ve covered all you need to know about using Chromebooks for QuickBooks, including system requirements and advantages. In case of any query contact our team of experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the system prerequisites for QuickBooks, especially those for Chromebook use?

    The system requirements for QuickBooks vary depending on the program version. The very minimum requirements for the QuickBooks Online edition are a 1.5 Mbps internet connection, 2 GB of RAM, a computer running a supported version of Windows, Android, or Mac OS, and a supported web browser. However, it is advisable to have 3 Mbps of internet bandwidth and 4 GB of RAM. QuickBooks Online is not compatible with Linux platforms.

    Varied desktops and business systems have different hardware and operating system requirements depending on the user count, the number of servers, and the integration of applications.

  2. Is QuickBooks A Chromebook’s Better Alternative?

    Despite the fact that QuickBooks hasn’t yet been specifically designed to function on Chromebooks, it can nevertheless meet the demands of small business owners. By using simple reporting options, users of Chromebooks for QuickBooks can at the very least make the most of their time and money. Users are able to create and manage bills right from the platform. If you connect via a remote desktop connection, you have even more authority and flexibility.

    For the full feature set, users pay a much less fee. Because it has no impact on the Chromebook’s processing power while running, even the resource-hungry versions of the application can run without a hitch. A Chromebook is acceptable as long as it works with QuickBooks.

  3. Why is Google Chrome unable to run QuickBooks?

    You might need to check the website’s status if there is any problem with Intuit. Old history or cache may potentially contribute to the problem by affecting how quickly Google Chrome and other browsers operate.

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