Compress QuickBooks Company File using Zip

User Query: My QuickBooks file is too large to email. let me know how to compress it properly?

When you are looking for the best accounting solutions to store and process transactional data in the best possible way, it is QuickBooks that you end up having. The feasibility and convenience, along with the clarity that QuickBooks offers while handling data drive more and more businesses to adapt to it.

As using QuickBooks has become a normal phenomenon these days, the processing of large data on the platform has also become a lot more prominent.

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However, the size of the information stored, accessed, processed, and retrieved is something that determines the pace at which the data is made available to users when they need it. This is where compressing QuickBooks zip files become an important aspect.

Why is it required?

Before people search for the steps to compress QuickBooks files to zip, try to find out why compressing a file is needed at all.

Well, when it’s about the company files, there is no size limit specified. As a result, when the file is too large, say it is around or more than 150 MB, it’s an alarm for QuickBooks Pro as well as Premier.

On the other hand, if you are using QuickBooks Enterprise, it could handle a data size of up to 1GB. However, the larger the file, the more is the time taken to process the data. Apart from that, when the file size is more, it tends to be more easily corrupted.

In such a scenario, when you have a large file size and you do not want it to hamper the data processing time, you can compress the QB zip files and extract them later on wherever you desire.

In addition, the compressed files will ensure your data remain highly protected against being corrupt.

The Process

Now when you know why you need to compress the files, here are a few steps that you can follow to proceed with handling larger QB files properly:

Option 1: Using 7-zip software

  1. Download 7-zip software
  2. Install the same on the system. You can skip these two steps if you already have this software on your system
  3. Move to your QB file location to place your compressed folder
  4. Right-click the file
  5. Select 7-zip
  6. Choose Add to Archive
  7. Choose Zip as your Archive format
  8. Enter zip file password
  9. Click OK

Your zip file will be created.

Option 2: Using WinZip/Win RAR

  1. Move to your QB file location to place your compressed folder
  1. Right-click the file
  2. Choose Add to Archive
  3. Choose Zip as your Archive format
  4. Click OK
  5. Set a password if you want to keep your zipped file protected. To do so, you can:
  6. Click on Set password
  7. Enter the password you want
  8. Click OK
  9. Click OK again

Congratulations! Your zip file is created.

In case, you get stuck while following the above steps, you can connect with our QuickBooks team representatives available on LIVE CHAT for instant help.

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