How to Convert Company File to Latest Version in QuickBooks

How to Convert Company File to Latest Version in QuickBooks

There are certain scenarios wherein the QuickBooks user needs to either upgrade their company file or convert it to the latest version of the QuickBooks desktop software released. However before proceeding with the steps to convert the file, user needs to keep certain points in mind, as detailed below:

  • First and foremost, user needs to be ready with the latest QuickBooks Desktop software downloaded and installed properly before proceeding with upgrading or converting the company file to latest version.
  • User having admin credentials can only update or convert the company file.
  • Once the company file has been converted to latest version it cannot be undone and taken back to previous versions. Thus, it is generally recommended to have a backup of the company file before making permanent changes on it.
  • User should ensure that the file is not upgraded over a network.
  • Company files of Enterprise edition of the software only syncs completely with QuickBooks Enterprise software.

Tips and tricks to facilitate a swift upgrade or conversion process of QuickBooks company file:

Before going for converting the company file to latest version, there are certain steps that needs to be followed and processed:

  • Company file needs to be verified and rebuild. In case of any data damage, resolution of the same is provided by Intuit.
  • In case verification process does not proceed successfully, user will require QBwin.log file in order to resolve errors detected by the file.
  • Lastly user needs to ensure file is working in perfect condition by employing Verify Data utility.

Upgrading and Converting the QuickBooks company file

Launch and run the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop by clicking on the QuickBooks icon.

  1. From the main menu bar, select the option ‘File’ followed by ‘Open / Restore Company’ option.
  2. Open the company file by clicking on it and follow it by clicking on ‘Next’ tab.
  3. Locate data file by using browse feature and select the appropriate one to open it.
    Note:In case a new window called ‘Move Company File’ is encountered, follow the instructions showcased.
  4. Scan the details under ’Update Company File’ for New Version screen. Check mark the box to stating user understands and agrees, followed by ‘Update Now’ tab.
  5. Next is to backup the file properly and successfully in order to avoid losing any data. User should also remember the location wherein the backup file is saved.
  6. When the message stating, “You are about to open a company file using a newer version of QuickBooks. Do you want to continue?” is encountered, user needs to select Yes tab.
  7. Once the file is updated following recommended steps needs to be followed
  • Store the backup of the company file created in a safe location until user is certain they won’t require it again.
  • If the user has copied the data file from another computer to update it, they need to copy it back again.
  • If the user cannot find their data file in its original location and if it is not in the specified folder, they can search the entire hard drive for *.qbw files. Note: Display hidden files and folders or search for files using Windows. Ensure that they include hidden files and folders in their search criteria.
  • If user has QuickBooks Desktop Payroll (US) attached, they need to verify their payroll service by signing into the software account by going into Employees screen followed by My Payroll Service and then selecting Account Info or Preferences.

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In case the user is facing any trouble in completing the above process, they can connect with proficient experts at QuickBooks Tech Support Phone Number 1-855-481-5335 to gain resolution in limited time period.

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