Create A Batch Invoice in QuickBooks

A single invoice can be sent to multiple customers in one go by creating a batch. There is no need to create multiple invoices for different customers.

For this you should set up the terms, sales tax rates and the method to send the invoice to each of the customers in advance.

Follow these steps:

  • Don’t create a billing group for this. Just select customers that you need to send invoices.
  • Go to a billing that has been already created.batch-invoice-in-qb
  • Click the drop down and type in the name of the group.
  • Now, create a new billing group.
  • From the drop-down select Add New and write the name of the new billing group. Now add the customers selected for invoicing to this group. Save Group.
  • Now Click Next.
  • Type in the invoice details. For each customer the details can be checked and edited in the Customer Center. Right Click on the particular customer and click Edit. Additional Info tab .ets you see the information.
  • Click Next. Check the list of invoices and then choose Create Invoices.
  • Batch Invoices Summary window allows you to email or print the invoices based on the send method you have selected for each customer.
  • Send method can be viewed or changed in the Customer Center.
  • To print and send later follow the path— Choose File à Print Forms à Invoices or File à Send Forms.

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