How to Create a Custom Invoice on QuickBooks

The invoices and forms that you would be sending your customers through Quicksbooks can be customized using these quick and simple steps.

  • To customize an invoice click on create invoices.
  • Select manage templates
  • A new window opens with all the templates with invoice margin.
  • To create a new template, choose any of the existing as a base, and click copy button at the left bottom of the window.create-custom-invoice-on-qb
  • You would instantly see that copied template at the top, and at the right side you may rename it, and click ok.
  • You get the basic customization window opened, and there you can first select the Use logo.
  • You get a browse dialogue box to select the logo from the local drive.
  • Next you would see the logo on the template, and then you may change the company information, and also change the color theme. You may update information using the button.
  • With the layout designer one can click on any of the objects on the template design and change position and size.
  • You may remove any element by right clicking on it and selecting remove.
  • To add a field like text box, image or data field one can do it from add button above.
  • Click ok to update.

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