Creating and Editing Customers in QuickBooks

You can add customers to QuickBooks to keep track of the payments.

  • It is possible to import a spread sheet where you maintain the records of the customers.
  • The spread sheet must be adjusted to match QuickBooks format.
  • You can also add new customers manually. There is only one field needed to be entered- Display Name, but you can input as much information as needed.creating editing customers in quickbooks
  • To add new customers manually go to the Customer Center toolbar and click New Customer.
  • For every customer, you must use a unique name or code.
  • You must make sure each customer’s name is distinct from the others even if there are more than one customer with the same name.
  • Now close the New Customer window and click OK.
  • Inputting other information for the new customers can be done as well, as already mentioned.
  • Company Name is the field where you can provide the actual name of the customer even if there are others who have the same name in your customer’s list. The name you enter here will appear on the invoice or bill.
  • Full Name should also be provided with the salutation, title, first name, middle initial, last name. This will also appear on the invoice or bill created by QuickBooks.

You may have questions related to Creating & Editing Customers in QuickBooks:

Hopefully, you have understood all the steps to editing and creating customers. Still, if you want to know more about this you can dial the QuickBooks toll-free number of the customer care centre.



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