Creating & Editing Vendors in QuickBooks

Here is a quick guide to vendor creation on QuickBooks.

  • To access the vendor centre, click on vendors on home screen
  • It looks like the customer centre. Selecting any vendor name on left would show up their information on the right.
  • Type, address, map to their office, transactions, payments, purchase orders etc, are all viewable.creating-editing-vendors-in-qb
  • You can also choose the dropdown arrow beside date, to choose a range of date for viewing records in that time.
  • If you want to see the amount of money you gave to a vendor in a time frame, you may see it from here.
  • There are Contacts, To Do, and Notes tab.

To create a New Vendor the steps are given below:

  • At the top left click new vendor, and again on New Vendor
  • Enter all information like name, opening balance, contact no, billing and shipping address
  • From payment settings tab enter account no, credit limit, payment terms, and how QuickBooks would print the vendor name on check
  • From tax settings you may check or uncheck if vendor is eligible for 1099
  • Under accounts settings you may set if the vendor is liable for any expense to you.
  • In additional info tab choose vendor type, and click ok.
  • Now you see the vendor has been created with all info showing on the right side.

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Hopefully, with the steps given above clearly you can now easily edit and create vendors in QuickBooks. But, if you still face any kind of problem in understanding the steps or accessing the points properly, then you can give us a call @ to QuickBooks support team without any hesitation. Disclaimer

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