Creating estimates using the QuickBooks

You may create an estimate for the QuickBooks with these steps.

  • To create an estimate click estimates in the home screen customer’s area
  • Click dropdown. Choose the customer name and instantly the name and address shows. You may edit them and also the estimate number.
  • A summary of customer info is show at the right part of screen with open balance, email, active estimate etc., and the recent transactions.creating-estimates-using-qb
  • Under items menu click the dropdown and all items will show up.
  • Click on an item, the item no and description gets displayed. You may edit the description. You may click the tab to jump to the right cells and add or edit details.
  • You may add a product in the same way and in case of products it would be shown taxable.
  • You may delete a product by simply right click on the product line and choosing delete line.
  • You would get a customer message box at the left bottom, and on clicking the list you may choose a message to go with the customers.
  • You may print the page now or get a preview, or save it a PDF from the Print menu above.
  • Using the mail option above, you may email it.
  • Finally, you need to save it. But while saving if you get the prompt that the billing address is missing and you should enter it next time, choose yes.

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With the steps given above for creating QuickBooks estimation you can now easily do it. But, sometimes technical issues do come up while accessing the points. If you face any such error, then you can dial the Intuit QuickBooks helpline number for support.



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