Planning is the most important part of all businesses. Irrespective of the size and nature of the business planning plays an important role to take the business to next level. Proper business planning helps defining your existing business venture, inflating the future purposes and most important to lure being business partners or investors for expansion of the business. The planning strategy cannot rest solely on dreams rather a strong accounting application needs to be involved. QuickBooks business accounting software can assist you throughout the process. QuickBooks simplifies the reviewing process of the performance of the company in the past, create & generate financial projections and smoothen the tracking of the financial processes.

QuickBooks Changes the Trend of Working

QuickBooks offers different QuickBooks editions and subscription plans that are industry specific and suits the particular size of business. The Business Planning Tool is integrated by default in certain packages of QuickBooks accounting software. This tool is a well designed document-generating wizard that escorts the business owner in the entire process of preparing reports from the raw data. The business tool is very easy to access. Follow the below steps:

  • Launch QuickBooks program on your computer
  • Choose your Company
  • Select the Planning & Budgeting functionality
  • Click on Use Business Plan Tool
  • There you go

QuickBooks offers simple and easy setup wizard that helps you to move from one window to other at the same providing you the information also asking questions regarding your enterprise. Your answers automatically stored into the QuickBooks template. When you finish just verify once to check with what is saved is correct.

QuickBooks Service Comprises

QuickBooks software follows the setup of extensive business plans. In the final result you can see all the information regarding the following:

  • Current Position of your company
  • Your products and competitors
  • Company operations
  • Financial data and management
  • Plans and projections related to business

QuickBooks software also comprise of questionnaire in an interview format that is usually instructed to complete in two spreadsheets: (i) for Income (ii) for Expenses. These two spreadsheets help you to justify your current financial status. The current figures are compared with the previous business figures that help to highlight the operational or management patterns of current business position.

QuickBooks software accords information that is readily available through the worksheets and also can be exported automatically to complete the worksheets. Moreover, the data can be further used to make financial predication’s with the help of Income Projection Wizard and Expenses Projection Wizard. These wizards are based on the past one-year business analysis of the cost of goods sold (COGS). Also you can be benefited with the QuickBooks Forecast Overview. This overview gives a concise picture of your estimated income and expenses over a specific time period. For the newly startups who do not have previous data have a manual option to fill these details.

The concluded document is represented in text formats and other professional formats (like tables, graphs and charts) that make easy for you to represent it in meetings. The Business Plan Tool also offers a three-year financial projection of your company, predicting the potential success or losses of your company.

Tips & Tricks to Draft Practical Business Predictions

Note that when you are extracting business revenue and estimated costs, or plan strategies for further marketing and strategies for manufacturing, an effective financial management is an essential factor to be followed. Don’t forget the below recommended points:

  • Forecast and prepare for the worst
  • Additional cash at hand acknowledgement
  • Recognize the thick and thin of your business finance
  • Conclude with neither profit nor loss
  • Frequent review of your projections

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