How to Customize a Check, Vouchers or Pay Stubs

Payment to employees, vendors and receiving payment from the customers have been made easy with automatic and electronic payment option available with QuickBooks. One of the easiest way to make and receive payment is through Check and pay stubs. User can also customize these check voucher and pay stubs from the software itself. To make changes within the details regarding the specifications mentioned on the pay stubs and check vouchers is mentioned below:

In order to showcase account names on the check follow the steps below:

  1. From the main menu bar of QuickBooks click on Edit tab followed by Preferences option.
  2. In the new screen, locate and click on the icon displayed for checking function and then select tab labeled Company Preferences.
  3. Lastly select the option stating ‘Print Account Names on Voucher’ and then click on OK.

Note: In the scenario check being customized is not utilized for the purpose of Paycheck or as payment option for the purchased inventories, then the account name’s first 16 lines will be showcased. However, in the reverse situation, as in the check is either a paycheck or utilized for inventory payment, then the software will provide details as Payroll Item or Inventory Item.

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As per usual standard maintained by the software the items listed below are printed automatically on the check:

  • Date
  • Payee
  • Memo (Top 16 Lines)
  • Amount (Top 16 Lines) along with Total Amount

For Pay Stub or Check Voucher

User can make changes within the pay stub of any employee in order to showcase addresses of both employee as well as the company along with details regarding sick and earned leaves. In order to customize these information within the Pay Stub or Check Voucher:

  1. Locate and select the option Edit from the main menu bar and further select Preferences option from the sub-menu.
  2. From the numerous icons under the list select the icon labeled Payroll & Employees, followed by Company Preference option.
  3. Now click on ‘Pay Stub and Voucher Printing’ tab in the version for US and ‘Printing Preference’ tab in the version for Canada.
  4. In the new screen labeled Payroll Printing Preferences to display required details click on all the checkboxes to uncheck them.
  5. The categories that can be selected to either print or not within the pay stubs or check vouchers are listed below:
    • Privilege and Sick Leaves
    • Legal company name
    • Non-taxable company items
    • Federal employer identification number
    • DBA company name
    • Company phone number
    • Employee social security number (applicable for US version of the software only)
    • The last four numbers of SSNs and bank account numbers (applicable for US version of the software only)
    • Hours completed by salaried employees
    • Standard or Large font size
    • Print Intuit logo (applies to US only)
  6. Lastly press OK tab twice.

The above steps should easily allow users to customize details shown on their Check Voucher or Pay Stubs as per the requirements of the company. However, if some issues are met while customizing, it is recommended to the user to connect with expert QuickBooks team set up by Intuit to resolve such kind of issues and many more.

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