Customized Template of QuickBooks Invoice Issue

QuickBooks software is one stop accounting software that tackles with all types of financial activities performed within a business. The software ensures daily, weekly quarterly and annual tasks of the business are completed effectively and efficiently. It also allows user to customize templates of specific tasks and reports. User can also customize the template made for invoices. However, at times the error is faced when the user wishes to set the customized invoice template as default template for future use.

Suppose the user has designed a customized invoice, however when they open Create Invoice screen, the customised template is not memorized by the window  when the user returns back to generate another invoice. Similarly, in the case of templates, when user tries to structure invoice, same template should be shown. Thus it is interpreted that the setting is a little complex and will only be changed through the drop down menu of the template.

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To resolve this issue best solution is to resort the template list  through following steps:

  • In order to resort the template list
    1. Click on List tab and then select the Templates option.
    2. Next click on View tab, followed by selecting the option of Resort List and then click on OK.
    3. In order to save the customized template go to Preference option and then follow steps below:
      • Select the option Customers and then Create Invoices
      • Generate a new invoice for test purpose, select template option as per requirement, and then click on Save & New tab.
  • Lastly select customers option and then Create Invoices in order to ensure template selected has come under default selection.

NOTE: To remove the invoice created for test purpose by going back button and then clicking on CTRL along with ‘D’ key.

  1. To test the different default template
  • Select the option Customers and then Create Invoices
  1. Generate a new test invoice, with general template.
    1. Click on the drop down menu of Template
    2. Choose one of the listed templates for “Intuit”.
  • Enter the Customer details along with Item details on the Invoice.
  1. Click on Save & Close tab.
  2. Click on the Customer option and then on ‘Create Invoices’ to verify if the “Intuit” template option is now the default selection.

NOTE: To remove the invoice created for test purpose by going back button and then clicking on CTRL along with ‘D’ key.

In case the issue persists and the same template invoice is shown it is quite possible that the customized version of Invoice is damaged. If the user is ready with a recent backup since the template was customized then it is better to restore the data. If restoring a backup is not a good option then the user is required to recreate their customized template.

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