Different Formats for QuickBooks Accounting Software

There are different types of accounting packages available for desktop and online versions. These accounting tools are designed considering the different requirements of the businesses. QuickBooks is the best accounting software that offers well designed office solutions to manage accounting and financial operations of the business. The software is stuffed with potential features that make business management smooth and easy.  There are not many financial formats for QuickBooks that could transfer data.

Different Financial formats for QuickBooks

The following financial formats for QB are commonly used.

  • OFX – This format is also known as Web Connect used to fetch transactions from a financial institution. It is supported by QuickBooks and almost all accounting software. The OFX format permits extended variants of itself that are compatible to accord additional details.
  • QIF – The Quicken Interchange Format is also supported by all the accounting software along with QuickBooks.
  • IIF – The Intuit Interchange Format is also supported by QuickBooks and many software packages exporting data for accounting systems
  • QBJ – This is the General Journal Entry file format that is compatible by QuickBooks application.
  • CSV/Excel – It is a free-form format that demands additional handling by the accounting software. It is supported partially and it is the easiest format to work with for accountants and bookkeepers.
  • PDF – The simple and easy financial format to view, share, print, archive financial statements. It is not compatible with most of the accounting systems regarding parsing and importing transactions inside such statements. It is specially designed to print documents so they can be printed similar to the computer screen.

It is always wise to verify the financial formats available while choosing a financial institution and compatible financial formats when choosing accounting software. It is also a considered wise to have conversion tools available when you have an accounting practice with a variety of clients.

In case you need to acquire more details on QuickBooks financial formats you can contact QuickBooks technical support number. The number connects you to the QB experts who will provide the relevant information in a very short time. Call to the toll free number + and garner best QuickBooks services.

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