How to Enable Credit Card Protection on QuickBooks?

This may be the most talked about feature of QuickBooks accounting software. The QuickBooks Credit Card Protection is a built-in feature that helps you keep your account secure. By using the platform, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your transactions and payments are safe from hackers or security breaches. The best part about having a paper record for each transaction is that it improves accuracy and reduces errors. Plus, if you want to keep a printout of your transactions, you can with our e-Record option.

QuickBooks has been used by small and medium scale businesses for daily transaction recording and accountancy management purposes. Nine out of ten Americans use credit cards these days, and thus it is obvious for QuickBooks to provide option or provision to users for syncing their credit cards with this software. After syncing credit card, you also need to enable credit card protection for QuickBooks.

What is Credit Card Protection on QuickBooks?

The best part about the QuickBooks program is that there are lots of features you can turn on that increase your security. For example, there’s a security feature called Credit Card Protection which requires you to create an extensive password. Plus, it only allows your users to view the credit card data after getting permission from you. You’ll also have to change your password every 90 days!

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What is QuickBooks Credit Card Protection Feature?

You don’t have to worry about your customers or employees accessing your companys financial records or personal information when you use QuickBooks. We’ve created a complex password that ensures safety and security of your accounting system and financial records.

  • This feature protects cardholder data by encrypting it and storing it in the company database.
  • The security process that EaseUs uses is one of the industry’s strongest.
  • Credit card protection comes with an automatic leys and encryption system that is used to encrypt the information on your credit cards at least once a year.This sentence rewriter replaces words with synonyms for greater clarity.
  • If you need to generate the new encryption keys manually, this feature gives you a tool.

If you ever feel the need to take action on your account, the QuickBooks customer credit card protection can help. By enabling it, you’ll be able to create new encryption keys and keep your transactions safe.

What are some of the Benefits of using QuickBooks Customer Credit Card Protection?

  • If you enable QuickBooks’ credit card protection feature, your transactions will likely be more secure. Additionally, it could even save you money on transaction fees by not giving any opportunity of fraud.
  • When you’re done, you’ll have your receipts for every transaction.
  • If you enable this feature, account details will be saved automatically and will be available to the user at any time.

We will be discussing how to use this feature in this article. Beyond that, we’ll be talking about how to disable credit card protection in QuickBooks. This is a sentence rewriter.

Enable Customer Credit Card Protection in QuickBooks

To enable the credit card protection in QuickBooks, please follow these steps:

  • The first thing is logging into your QuickBooks account. Then, you need to update your password protection requirements. The requirements enable merchants to provide password.


  • The password should be strong and complicated, containing 1 number 7 characters and 1 upper case letter.
  • QuickBooks also asks users to change the password after 90 days. You can change earlier than that or even later than that. But, you need to make sure that you change password carefully.
  • In order to enable credit card protection for QuickBooks, you need to click on the customer tab from the menu bar that you find at the top of the QuickBooks interface.
  • Click on the Enable Protection option and a dialogue box will open up.
  • The dialogue box will suggest you to enter a complex password, as described above. Once the password is entered, make sure you have a copy of the password with you. Keep that document confidential.
  • You would also be asked to set a challenge question that shall be required when you change your password later.
  • Now, click OK, and your QuickBooks account is ready with password protection.

How to Disable Credit Card Protection in QuickBooks?

Do you know how to disable QuickBooks credit card protection? All you have to do is perform a few simple steps stated in the article.

  • Launch “QuickBooks Desktop” on your computer.
  • Then, select the company.
  • After selecting the “Add to Basket” option, you’ll be taken to a page that asks for your customer credit card information.
  • Once done, select the “disable protection” option.

You can now use this feature to disable QuickBooks customer credit card protection in the desktop version. You can enable it if you need in the future.

How do I disable credit card payments in QuickBooks Online?

If you want to temporarily disable the credit card payment options in QuickBooks Online, you can clear out the checkmark for the selected card while making invoice transactions. All that’s required is clearing the Cards option located under “Online Payment” on your Invoice.

After you’ve selected which payment method you need to turn off, go to the Payments Methods page and click on the Make inactive option from the Actions column. Here are some helpful steps:

  • Go to the “Gear” icon.
  • Select the “Account and Settings” option.
  • After this, switch to the “Payments” tab.
  • Now, delete the “ACH” or “Credit Card” from the “Payment Methods” section.

We’ve developed a new way to manage your credit card and invoice payments. QuickBooks Online gives you options for managing this process so that you can adjust it on the fly to fit your business needs. You can also remove your card with the help of the Merchant Service Center if necessary.

Call QuickBooks technical support team to know more on this regard. In fact, they can also nourish you with handy and effective tips on QuickBooks. We know the value of accuracy and unmatched quality, which is why our experts are considered to be some of the best in their fields. Our motto: Provide nothing but the best. Our outstanding work speaks for itself and our client testimonials are a great proof of that. With our team’s strengths, we guarantee you’ll get the best possible result.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I Manage credit card transactions in QuickBooks?

    This is the main option to record your credit card payments in QuickBooks.
    1. Select + New.
    2. Under Money Out (if you’re in Business view), or Other (if you’re in Accountant view), select 3. Pay down credit card.
    4. Select the credit card you made the payment to.
    5. Enter the payment amount.
    6. Enter the date of the payment.

  2. How does QuickBooks handle credit card purchases?

    Add credit card transactions and payment plans
    1. Go to the Banking menu, then choose Transfer Funds.
    2. Select the account you need to transfer the payment/bill from.
    3. Choose the Credit Card in the Transfer Funds to.
    Mark the box if you have it online.
    Enter the amounts and class if needed.
    Hit Save and close.



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