How to Enable Multi User Mode in QuickBooks?

A feature in QuickBooks accounting software allows multiple users to access the same company file at the same time. To utilize this functionality, one must be licensed with QuickBooks. We are aware that mistakes can happen. The odds of encountering glitches like multi-user mode not working is low. Multi-user mode allows multiple people to work on the same company file at the same time, boosting collaboration and production.

Because all users are working with the most up-to-date data, accuracy improves. It also protects data security by allowing specific user access levels to be configured.

This means that when two people are trying to access the same company file, the screen is displaying Quickbooks’ multi-user mode not working.

Causes of QuickBooks Multi-User Mode Not Working

This error can be caused by a few different things, like:

  • QuickBooks may have not been installed on the server.
  • There is a problem with the hosting settings.
  • The firewall or antivirus may not be allowing communication between user computers.
  • QuickBooks company file is not accessible by the database server
  • Windows file permissions were not set properly.

QuickBooks is often noted as one of the best financial management and accounting software for the individuals as well as organization. Using this application makes accounting management process simple as well as seamless. If you are using this software, you need to know its various features. One of the best features of this system is that it allows multiuser signups. To activate the multi user mode, you can choose to follow the options that are described below:

  • Multi user mode gives access to various users within an organization. This feature helps small businesses in particularly. Different business managers and others can check the QuickBooks data or transaction data at the same time.
multi user mode in quickbooks
multi user mode in QuickBooks
  • To enable multi user mode, you need to login to this software. Once you have logged in, you shall find that you are in default single user mode. Thus, you need to switch on to the multi user mode.
  • In order to switch multi user mode, you need to go to the top menu bar, where you shall find option for file menu. Under this option, you shall find another option for choosing multi user access.
  • Click on the multi user access, and now you have enabled multi user provision with your QuickBooks software.
  • Create an administrative user, and other users to whom you would like to permit access.

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How to fix ‘Multi User Mode Not Working’

Some tasks in QuickBooks can cause you to run into problems. Errors such as H102, H203, and H505 should be reported to the help desk so they can be resolved quickly.

Here are some steps you can take to fix this error.

Step 1: Setup of QuickBooks in Desktop

One desktop in a multiuser network, often referred to as the admin desktop, hosts all of the files. That admin desktop or the desktop with all of the authority with respect to files is known as a server computer. A server computer is a computer capable of handling all requests for information by clients on this particular client’s behalf. The workstation that works in response to the request from this server is called a proximal workstation.

  • Download and Install QuickBooks Desktop on you server computer.
  • On installing the program, it will ask you about the type of installation at that time. Click on Custom and Network.
  • Click on any of the two QuickBooks desktop installations as user requirement.
    • If you want to use QuickBooks desktop on your server, then you will select I’ll be using QuickBooks desktop on this computer and I will store.
    • If the user wants that server computer to host his files, he will select the “I will be not using QuickBooks desktop on this computer” option and it will not store any data.
  • Then just follow the installation instructions and finish it.
  • Keep all the company files on your local hard drive. It is easy to find them when you share or work on them.

Step 2: Set Folder Permission

Tell your server what permissions users need to have for the folder you want to restrict. The system will define whether another person can access a certain file or not.

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Step 3: Install Database Server Manager

Install QuickBooks at your desktop installation. It helps you share and exchange database files on the network. That installation program will ask you to install a Database Server Manager when it’s time to share and share your database with the server. Just click ‘allow/yes’.

  • Select scan folder tab in the software.
  • Find the folder which contains the file in it.
  • Press the scan button to start the process.
  • Create new files by clicking on the new folder.
  • Now select close and you are done.

Step 4: Set Admin Rights

Set the admin rights during installation. Setting admin rights is the important step of installation. You can assign authorities and users will learn what each role can do on your server and other servers.

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Setting of Admin Rights in Windows 10

  • Open setting tab by clicking on start menu.
  • Now in Accounts option select family and other users option.
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  • Now assign new name and password in order to create new account.
  • Finish the process after clicking finish tab.
  • Now, new users can be given admin access.
  • Now select newly created account and select the account type.
  • Select admin tab from drop down menu of Account type.
  • Click OK and save all the changes.

Window 8 and 7

  • Press CTRL+R Key.
  • Open Control Panel of the system.
  • Now select user account and then manage another account.
  • Select create new account option.
  • Now type user name and select admin tab in it.
  • Click on the create option.

Step 5: Use of Database Server

User installs the Database Server on their server to allow users to use it. It is the central part of installation. Once installed, Database Server allows for file searching and editing; changing your files is easy in this software.

Step 6: Turn On Hosting

This is the final step of the installation. In this you will create multiuser access on your server computer. This is the only server on which it’s enabled. It is only the system which can share files with other workstations and set all permissions for all workstation. All the workstation is connected to this main server on network. So, follow the following steps to turn on multi user mode. Steps are:

  • Open QuickBooks Desktop which you installed on system.
  • After open QuickBooks Desktop on system click on file.
  • Then select utilities in file menu.
  • In utilities select Host multiuser access.
  • After selecting then click on yes. Give permission for multiuser access and convert system to server.

Step 7: In Server Desktop Configure Firewall and Security

  • Click on start and check the detail about firewall.
  • In Window of firewall click on advance setting.
  • Select inbound rules in advance setting menu.
  • Make a new rule, by logging into your account.
  • Click on start and check the detail about firewall.
  • Change Windows firewall settings in the advance options.
  • Select a list of inbound rules in advance.
  • From the dropdown menu of inbound rules select a new rule option.
  • Tick all the profiles and click on next option to enter in other step.
  • Configure the settings by clicking on finish tab.
  • Now you can open QuickBooks Multiuser mode.

Step 8: Start with the File Located on Remote Computer

  • Open QuickBooks File menu and switch to online mode.
  • Click on Yes tab and then OK.
  • Click on Company tab and select setup user and password option in it.
  • Now, select to set up your user credentials in the “Setup User” and “Password” drop-down menu.
  • Add User.

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Though the process is simple, many people may encounter a few errors or glitches. If you are not well versed with QuickBooks options, especially multi user mode option, you should call our support team of QuickBooks.


How Does QuickBooks Desktop Multi-User Work?

Multiuser mode allows multiple users to work on a company file at once. It works via a shared network environment and needs a host computer and a shared network to function. You can use multiuser mode in two ways: server-workstation setup or server-only install.

How do I turn off multi-user in QuickBooks?

1. Go to the File menu.
2. Select Utilities.
3. If you see the Host Multi-User Access option, ignore it. Move on to the next workstation.
4. If Stop Hosting Multi-User Access is an option, select it.

Why is QuickBooks so slow in multi-user mode?

If a company file is slow for all the users, check the file for integrity issues. While checking the QuickBooks speed, make sure that no more than one person is logged out of the company file. Click File Menu, then select Utilities and then Verify Data within your company file.



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