How To Enter Statement Charges On Your QuickBooks Account?

Since QuickBooks is a professional application for effectual financial management and transaction tracking, it has been used quite extensively by many small business owners or entrepreneurs. The software is robust and poised with detailed as well as minute options for financial management. You can enter statement charges to QuickBooks with ease. Various businesses provide statement charges to their customers in place of traditional bills. In order to enter statement charges to your QuickBooks account, you can try the following methods:

  1. First of all login to your QuickBooks and by default you shall be directed to the home page.
  2. At the dashboard, you shall find option for ‘Statement Charges’. Click on that option, and then choose to click on Customers option.statement-charges-on-qb-account
  3. Now, place your cursor on the next row and enter the required data. It will ask you to enter data like items, date, quantity, etc.
  4. You shall also find Account Receivables register of the selected customer.
  5. Now, you need to type the amount of quantity at the ‘Quantity’ field. Similarly enter other important or crucial data in other blank fields. Now, save your charges on customer register.
  6. In order to record statement charges for multiple customers, the aforementioned process could be tiresome. You can consider adding hem to a ‘Memorized Transaction Group’.

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