How to Enter Vendor Bills on QuickBooks?

Using QuickBooks for financial management and accounting record keeping purposes is quite extensive among the small business owners. Using this tool cuts down the cost and at the same time it enhances accuracy in financial record keeping or bookkeeping process. Once you receive a bill, you need to enter details of this bill at QuickBooks so that you can keep this as record and sort data later for any purposes. You can record your bill through Account payable window or Enter Bills window.

  • To start with the process, login to your QuickBooks account first. Go to the dashboard and then choose Enter Bills window.enter-vendor-bills-on-qb
  • If you are entering a bill from a vendor for the first time, you need to create vendor details first. Click on Vendor and add crucial as well as basic details about the vendor. The vendor name will appear in the list of vendors.
  • From the list of vendors, you need to select the vendor and then click on enter bills.
  • A dialogue box will open up, asking all details of the vendor bill.
  • You need to enter all the details with accuracy and precision. Be carefully on entering data, like amount, bill numbers, etc. Enter bill date carefully too.
  • Now, you need to add payment terms. Enter the amount that has already been paid, if there is anything. Enter the due amount too, and mode of payment as well as installment of payment.

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