Entering Credit Card Charges For QuickBooks

QuickBooks is an effective platform for financial management and daily accounting job. You can use this platform to track finances, expenses and earnings. Bookkeepers, across the world, show their trust on this system immensely. As it is one of the best platforms for finance planning and bookkeeping, it has been used by various people around the world. In case if you make some purchases with credit cards, you need to add credit card charges additionally at the column for expenses. To do that, following process can be followed:

  • In order to record or keep a note of the charges, click on banking option and then enter credit card charges.
  • If you have multiple credit cards attached with QuickBooks, you need to select the right credit card from drop down list.credit-card-charges-for-qb
  • Now, you need to select the name of establishment from the list, and then click on ‘Add New’ to add a business name.
  • After making a purchase, click on Purchase button. In case of credit to your account, you have to additionally click on Credit or Refund option.
  • Enter the date of transaction and then you need to add the amount of credit card charges.
  • You can add notification by clicking on the Memo Text Box.
  • In order to record your charges, click on Save and Close button.

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All you need is calling technical support for QuickBooks in case if you cannot do this process by your own. Professional executives shall provide better guidance.



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