Entry Lines Getting Blank in QuickBooks

QuickBooks software is an accounting software that has garnered the reputation of completing all financial tasks and activities without leaving much scope for errors. It is integrated with top quality tools and features that facilitate automatic completion of financial activities once the initial setup of templates and base charges and amounts are provided by the user. The software supports tasks from recording of transactions in journal entry and ledger to generating end of the year statements and reports. This saves not only monetary resources of the owner but also human resources that can be employed in other imperative productive tasks that will lead to growth in the business.

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However there are times when recording and inputting details, user ends up on missing out on few steps. This can lead to error in reports generated later on. One such error as communicated by a QuickBooks user to QuickBooks expert is detailed below along with relevant resolution.

User Query:

User has recorded a transaction under Journal Entry while leaving the entry line blank by mistake. The problem comes up as the user tries to rectify the issue but the entry is getting accessed. User is required to modify the entry, However is unable to open the transaction and getting blocked out.


Resolution for the issue as guided by the expert support professional of QuickBooks is detailed below. Intuit has come out with two ways to tackle the problem and advises user to employ both, if first does not work, in the order they are presented. The resolutions are:

Method 1 – Through Register Approach

  1. Go to main menu bar and select the option ‘Lists’
  2. Under this select Chart of Accounts tab
  3. In the new screen locate the account that is affected by the Journal Entry and open it.
  4. Now locate the particular transaction giving the trouble.
  5. Lastly select the field labeled GENJRN and double click on it to open the transaction. User can alternatively, select the particular transaction, right click mouse on it and then choose the option called ‘Edit General Ledger’.

Method 2 – Create a Journal Entry Again

  1. From the main menu bar select the option ‘Company”.
  2. Under the drop down menu locate and click on ‘Make General Journal Entries’ tab.
  3. In order to view old Journal Entries click on the arrow indicating towards left side. Alternatively, user can also just locate and select the section for ‘List of Selected General Journal Entries’.

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The above two solutions should solve the issue of getting blank lines in the Journal Entries. However, if the user is still not satisfied with the resolutions and the consequent result of the same, they are advised to connect with the QuickBooks Support team setup by Intuit as soon as possible.

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