Export Customer List from QuickBooks Desktop

Record management was never easy, but if done correctly, it counts to be the most impressive skill you can possess. As obvious, it should be quick and error free as well. For doing so, you do not necessarily need to become an expert in accounting.

You just need some smart steps. If you are looking for an easy process with zero error that can facilitate you exporting those long lists of customers in QuickBooks, then this article will guide you further regarding the same.

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Importance of Customer Lists in QuickBooks

A customer list entails Customer Name, Address, Shipping address, Phone, Email, Shipping Site name, etc. For any scale business company or any company in its budding stage, this piece of information comeshandy. Customers or audience is something we all work for.

It becomes easy to invoice them and record each transaction in the program related to them. Keeping records for your customers and related to their choices is always beneficial to your business in the long run.

It somehow connects you with your customer and makes you more aware of their preferences. QuickBooks will facilitate you in this aspect and make it a cakewalk for you.

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In order to keep this data finely organized and streamlined is pretty crucial. It not only gives you insights over your business performance but also allows you to plan for further investments and business moves.

Therefore, when exporting a customer list, you need to ensure that every single step is followed with constant vigilance. This process can be done very easily with the help of QuickBooks tech support team. If you follow Do-it-yourself approach, then you may consider the following steps:

Step 1

-First of all, open the company file of the QuickBooks customer list that is needed to be exported.

-Then you need to click on the Reports tab on the menu bar

-Then, enter customer contact list on report search box

-If you wish to get modified columns, you can choose to customize the report

-A popup will appear, click the ‘Change columns’ link under the “Rows/Columns” section

-From Utilities, select the option that appears as “Export”.

-By clicking the check boxes, you can select the optional columns for additional details

-Once selection is done, please click ‘Run Report’ at the popup

-The report will update to include the selected information click Export

-Your report will be exported to an excel sheet and will be ready to use

Step 2

-Lastly, select the location for importing the file and Select the existing worksheet option

-Click on Okay and find ‘Save as an option’.

Tip: Before you start with the process, as a best practice, it is strongly recommended to create a backup copy for the QuickBooks file. It is a very essential step to take as it will help you recover any file or data in case you happen to lose it.

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