How to filter lists in QuickBooks?

Most of the people find using QuickBooks is convenient and beneficial for their businesses. A lot of small business owners heavily depend on this software or financial management system. You can use QuickBooks for entering daily business transactions or bookkeeping purposes. You can easily create financial reports. Working with this software is always convenient as it is loaded with various features and options. The best thing is that QuickBooks can be used for a lot of additional tasks. You can create customer profiles, and can track them with their projects or jobs. In order to filter customer list, you can follow the method as described below:

  • Login to your QuickBooks account by giving correct username and password.
  • Thereafter, you need to go to the main menu, which can be found right at the top half of your dashboard for QuickBooks.filter-lists-in-qb
  • Go to reports and click “All Reports”.
  • Now, click on ‘Review Sales’ option.
  • Under Review Sales, you shall find option for “Customer Contact List”.
  • Obviously, you shall get a long list, if your business exists for a long time. This is why filtering list is important. Now, click on ‘customize’.
  • Up next, you need to select the ‘date created’.
  • Now, simply click on ‘Run Report’.
  • Click on “Save Customizations”.
  • Report name should be entered carefully.
  • Click ‘OK’ to save your changes.

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The process involves a lot of steps, though it is simple and anyone can do it without any confusions. Dial toll free number for customer care center to get more assistance.



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