How to fix mismatched QuickBooks data?

Using QuickBooks is always seamless experience for most of the user though this software has some glitches in offering too. These glitches are technical hiccups, which need to be resolved with accurate technical insight. In some cases, errors happen from the part of user too, and that leads to possible errors.

Data mismatching can result into a lot of confusions. Thus, users are suggested to enter data accurately so that mismatch does not take place. If data mismatching takes place in somehow, you need to fix it carefully. For fixing such problems, a few steps are required to be followed. These steps are described below:

  • Login to your QuickBooks account with correct username and password. You may use QuickBooks desktop or Mac version. Make sure you have logged in rightly via the administrative account of your QuickBooks desktop version.mismatched-qb-data
  • Now, if your purpose is resolving .tlg file mismatching, you have to follow the steps that are instructed below.
  • Find the .tlg file, and check its name. Ideally, the name should accurately match to the company name. If it is as same as company name, no reason to fix anything.
  • If naming is mismatched, right click on the .tlg file, and then rename it on company’s name with accuracy. This will help resolving the errors due to mismatching in QuickBooks.

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The process is not daunting, but it requires technical insight. Novice users may face some problems while working with this process. You can simply contact Intuit helpdesk for obtaining quick help or assistance.



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