Reconcile VAT on QuickBooks (US Version)

QuickBooks Point of Sale has the access to POS company data which is stored on your Server Workstation. But in a network installation there are few connection issues which are outlined below. They commonly apply when a client workstation is not able to connect to data on Server Workstation.

There are certain requirements if you want to access Point Of Sale whether you want to access from Server or Client Workstation.

  • Your server Workstation should be turned on.
  • Your firewall software must be properly configured to allow Point Of Sale access.

When you are working with QuickBooks Point Of Sale, there are certain situations where you might come across some technical issues or performance issues. Here are few issues and their corresponding solutions:

  • Error Code 3180: When a user encounter this error they will receive a error message, “Status Code 3180: Status Message: There was an error while saving Sales Receipt also known as Credit Memo. QuickBooks Error message: Sales tax detail line must have a vendor”. You will come across this error when QuickBooks Desktop sales tax is not linked with any vendor.
  • Error 193: It can be categorized as store exchange error. Users will receive this message, “Error-193: Primary Key for table ‘CustomerReward’is not unique (23W01)”
  • QuickBooks POS Error Code 100: This error occurs when “database server is not found”
  • QuickBooks POS Error Code 121: It is the error which occurs when you are denied permission to access any company file. You will receive following error message, “Permission denied error”.
  • Updating data file fails: It generally occurs when a user is trying to upgrade their QuickBooks from one version to another. It usually happens while installing and requires for a backup. To avoid this issue you should run a verification on file before uninstalling and re-installing the software.
  • Failure during re-installing: When you want to reinstall QuickBooks, you should perform clean uninstall. But before uninstalling make sure you have a backup for your data.
  • Unable to locate Licensing information: It generally occurs when you have lost your documentation and you are unable to locate your license or product number. You can easily locate them by pressing either F2 or Ctrl1 while your Quickbooks is open which means you are logged into your data file.

You can try to resolve it by the resolutions provided by Intuit Experts. If these issues still persist the you can contact QuickBooks Customer support phone number by calling them on their toll free number They are available round the clock to provide their expertise to QuickBooks users worldwide.

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