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The QuickBooks is very good software to provide accounting solution to various small and large businesses. It makes very easy to store and track the business account data and information of company. The QuickBooks is available for various platforms like Windows, Mac, smart phones and tablets. It comes in various versions like QuickBooks premium, pro, accountant, online and enterprise. The QuickBooks online can be used on various platforms and systems but if you are using the QuickBooks desktop version, it can be only used on one system on which it is installed.

Most of the companies are using QuickBooks to track and store the business accounting data. The QuickBooks desktop version is mostly used because of its efficiency and easy to use process. The QuickBooks desktop version is available in four versions for windows platform which are QuickBooks pro, premium, accountant and enterprise. You will get different features in different versions. The pro version is most basic version and if you want more options and features, you can upgrade to premium, accountant and enterprise versions. You can get details about these versions by calling at QuickBooks 24 Hour Customer Phone Number.

The QuickBooks can be used on only one computer system on which you install it to store your business information. It saves all information of company in form of data file. This data file contains the information in form of lists and transactions. The lists contain the data like information of employees, customers, clients, products and vendors. The transactions contain the data of company’s invoices, deposits, payments, sales and purchase receipts. But if you want to get a new computer system for your accounting tasks, you have to transfer the QuickBooks data in new system.

Use your QuickBooks data in new computer system:

If you bought a new computer system in your company and you want to use it for account managements, you will need all QuickBooks data in it. So you have two options now, either you make new data file by adding all business information and data in it or you get your old data file in new system. It is a very lengthy and time consuming process to make a new data file because there can be large number of lists and transactions in your QuickBooks. So it will be better to transfer your old QuickBooks data file in new computer system.

The first thing you will need to transfer your data file is you should have installed same versions of QuickBooks in both computer systems. The conversion is possible if you are using same versions of QuickBooks then you can proceed further. You can also get help about it at QuickBooks 24 Hour Customer Number.

Process to transfer old data file in new system:

You can easily transfer all business information and accounting data in new computer system by using the following process:

  • Install the QuickBooks in new system: First of all you will install the QuickBooks in new computer on which you want to transfer the file. You will need the original setup of QuickBooks which was used on previous computer system. Then you will install both QuickBooks to latest version.
  • Backup the data file in old system: To transfer the QuickBooks data file in new computer system, you will make the backup of data file in old system. It is very important that you make a copy of backup file. You can also make the portable copy if you think that original file is large sized. Then you will store the backup file in any storage like USB drive, CD or external hard disk.
  • Copy the file in new system: You will connect the storage to new computer system and will copy the backup file to computer storage. If you have stored the backup portable file on online storage, you will download it to new computer system.
  • Restore the data file in new system: To restore the file, you will open your QuickBooks installed in new system and will select the option “Open or restore an existing company”. Then you will choose option of “Restore a backup copy” or “restore a portable file”. Then locate and select the backup file from the storage location you saved it. After choosing the location, you will choose the storage where you want to store the new data file.

By using this process, you can easily restore the data file of old system to the new computer system. You do not have to make any new file and have to manually store the business data. If you face any problem to transfer the old data in new QuickBooks system, you can get the support services by calling at QuickBooks 24 Hour Customer Service Number. You will get 24/7 support services by using this number. You can also get help for other problems or information about QuickBooks.



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