How to Handle Customer Credits in QuickBooks?

If you want to reduce a customer’s credit balance you can enter a credit memo. The invoice will show the changes only when you enter them manually.

  • You can find the + sign and choose Credit memo.
  • Enter information in all the fields.
  • Click Save tab and then close.
  • Here is how to apply credit memo in the invoice.
  • Again click on the sign and select Receive Payment.
  • Now follow the steps.
  • Select the customer name from the drop down list.
  • You can change the name if you want.
  • Amount: Payment Method: and Ref#: fields are to be left blank.
  • Memo: (Optional)
  • Deposit To: Don’t enter anything as no money is deposited.
  • Choose the invoice to which you want to apply the Credit Memo.
  • Choose the Credit Memo to which you want to apply the invoice.
  • Review the total pay for the correct amount after applying the credit memo. Click the save button.

What is a Delayed Credit in QuickBooks?

Use a delayed credit if you want to track a customer’s credit for future use but don’t want it to effect their current open balance right away. Your customer can spend their overdue credit to lower an invoice’s balance. As a line item, you can apply deferred credits to future invoices.


How to Apply a Delayed Credit Notes?

Some consumers prefer a credit to a refund since it allows them to reduce the debt on their next payment.
In QuickBooks, there are a few options for dealing with credits. You can use a credit note to reduce a customer’s current balance right away. You can even enter a delayed credit that they can use later. More on the differences and how to apply them to client transactions may be found here.

You can enter delayed credits in the next invoice

  • Go to the Plus Sign (+) and click Delayed Credit.
  • Click on the Plus sign + and choose the Delayed Credit.
  • Type in information in all the fields.
  • Click the Save button and the ne button and then again save and close.
  • Here is how to apply the delayed credit

You have to apply the value in the invoice manually. When you change the credit details they won’t affect the invoice automatically.

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