How to Add Contacts to Company File in QuickBooks Enterprise

You can get all the list of contacts imported to the new data file, but you won’t be able to copy the historical data as new company does not have any history.

Follow Below Steps to Add Contacts to Company File in QuickBooks Enterprise:

  1. Firstly, go to the current data file of yours and then tap on File, after that on Utilities, then on Export and after that click on Lists to IIF file
  • Make sure that all the lists that you are willing to copy in New Data File are selected by keeping the exception of Chart of Accounts.
  • Let the QuickBooks know, where you are saving the file
  • After that name the file by applying the extension of IIF
  • Your file name will appear like, Lists from old company.IIF
  1. Now, in the current data file of yours, tap on File and after that choose, New Company from existing company file
  • Then get the New Company Name entered and after that tap on Create Company
  • By doing this, the Chart of Accounts will get copied in New data file, without any data
  • This is the right and only time, when you can delete the accounts, make the changes and adjustments as required
  1. Then, open your New Data File and tap on File after that on Utilities, then on Import and then on IIF files
  • Entire lists that was exported by you, will get copied now, without balances
  • This is the right time for housekeeping, you can delete the vendors, items and customers, which you do not need anymore
  1. Now, get the New Company Information, such as business etc, entered. You can enter the opening balance in every account which is in set-up. Make sure that opening balances are nit added neither in Accounts Payable and nor in Accounts Receivable
  2. Open Vendor Bills and Customer Invoices should get created only in New Company, in order to ensure that balances are created.

To know more about adding contacts to Company File in Enterprise, you can contact our QuickBooks Enterprise tech support team.

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