The most popular accounting programme QuickBooks enables a uniform tracking of any company’s finances, secures the accounting process, and improves its efficiency. Accounting software like QuickBooks is very useful for keeping track of a company’s finances and for processing payroll. Being a user-friendly piece of software, QuickBooks is quite effective and efficient at keeping the company’s payroll accounts up to date.

Lists and real-time records of any accounting movement are used by this software to arrange accounting information. Quickbooks enables the customer to accurately understand their present financial situation and to keep detailed records of every revenue and expense that occurs inside their business. Small, medium-sized, and large businesses can make strategic decisions in real-time and continually advance thanks to this visibility. We’ll examine how to cancel your QuickBooks subscription in this article.

Reason Behind: Canceling QuickBooks Subscription

It is entirely up to the individual and occasionally depends on their specific situation as to why they would want to cancel their QuickBooks Online software account.

For instance, if a person’s firm is downsizing, they may no longer require the services of QuickBooks Online’s accounting software, or they may have discovered another accounting programmer that suits their needs more effectively right now. Or, in extremely unusual circumstances, they may be completely shutting down their firm and may not wish to use QuickBooks Online any longer.

Whatever the reason, we want to make sure that you may cancel your QuickBooks Online account without any hassles because we believe that the process should be just as easy on the way out as it was on the way in. Why wait then? Let’s get started and examine the procedures for closing your QuickBooks Online account.

Canceling QuickBooks Subscription Important Information

  • Account cancellation requires signing into QuickBooks Desktop and may only be done by a Company or Master Administrator.
  • The user will be automatically led to cancel themselves if they contact the QuickBooks Desktop assistance.
  • A web browser is required to cancel QuickBooks Online. Your account cannot be canceled using a mobile device.
  • The user can terminate their subscription five days before their next billing date if they do not want to pay the additional fee or receive any future charges. We are here to help you in any way.

How to Cancel Your QuickBooks Trial Subscription

Follow the steps to cancel your trial based QuickBooks subscription:

  1. You can revoke your subscription if you bought the trial straight from the website online by following these easy steps:
  2. Open the web browser on your laptop or desktop first. Do not open it on a phone or tablet, please.
  3. Enter your login details at this stage to gain administrator access to your QuickBooks Online account.
  4. As soon as you’ve logged into your QuickBooks Online account, go to Settings (represented by a gear symbol) and then choose Accounts and settings.
  5. At this time, choose Cancel subscription or Cancel online in the QuickBooks section. Choose Cancel trial if you want to end the trial.
  6. Finally, finish canceling your subscription by following the on-screen directions.

How to Cancel Your Paid QuickBooks Subscription

Follow the steps if you are willing to cancel the paid QuickBooks subscription:

  1. You must first log in to QuickBooks.
  2. Account and Settings can be found by clicking the gear button.
  3. Then select cancel in the QuickBooks area under billing and subscriptions.
  4. To stop and start over, select continue.
  5. Then questions from an exit survey will appear for you to respond to.
  6. When you’ve finished responding, scroll down and select proceed to finish the canceling process.

How to Cancel your QuickBooks Online subscription

Cancel an online account you bought from QuickBooks by following the steps mentioned below:

  • On your computer, not a mobile device, launch a web browser.
  • Admin user login to QuickBooks Online.
  • Select Account and settings under Settings.
  • Check out Billing & Subscription.
  • If the Billing & subscription tab is not present, you likely purchased QuickBooks through a mobile app store. View the below steps for your specific device.
  • Choose Cancel subscription or Cancel online in the QuickBooks section. Choose Cancel trial if you want to end a trial.
  • Observe the directions on-screen

How to Cancel your subscription to QuickBooks Desktop

Learn how to cancel your subscription to the QuickBooks product. Although to you, the procedure is as straightforward as it can be. If you need to cancel your subscription, follow these steps.

  • For QuickBooks Desktop, sign in to your customer account management portal (CAMPs).
  • Select the QuickBooks Desktop Account that requires modification.
  • If you have more than one, you can check your login profile to see which one is presently selected.
  • Under Products & Services, find your subscription or service, then click Details.
  • Make sure this is the product or service you no longer need, then choose Cancel Service from the list of options.
  • Please let us know why you’re leaving so we can improve our services. Select Continue canceling after providing any additional details (optional).
  • You can confirm your cancellation by selecting Cancel Now.
  • You will receive an email and a confirmation message.

How to cancel QuickBooks subscriptions purchased from Apple store

Steps to cancel the QuickBooks subscription purchased through Apple app store:

  • On your iPhone or iPad, open the Settings app.
  • To access your Apple ID, select your Name.
  • Subscriptions you want.
  • Choosing QuickBooks Online.
  • Choose Cancel.

How to Cancel QuickBooks subscriptions purchased from Google play store

Steps to cancel the QuickBooks subscription purchased through Google play store:

  • The Play Store app, please.
  • Choose the Profile button.
  • Select Subscriptions after choosing Payments & subscriptions.
  • A QuickBooks Online software should be chosen.
  • Select Cancel subscription from the Manage subscriptions window.


I hope this information about canceling a QuickBooks subscription was useful. Connect with the team of professionals in the case of any problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the free trial of QuickBooks automatically renew as a paid subscription?

Not at all, no. To begin your free trial, QuickBooks doesn’t even ask for your credit card information. There is no chance that you will overlook your free trial and be alarmed when you see your bank statement.

Instead of canceling, is it possible to pause your QuickBooks subscription?

You can, indeed. You can pause your membership with QuickBooks, and you won’t be charged anything during the interruption. The same procedures that you would use to cancel the service must be followed. You can restart your subscription as if you had never canceled it before throughout the year that your data is remembered.

How can I restart the payroll services in QuickBooks Online?

Log into your QuickBooks Online account using your subscription details, then choose the company file and settings. Choose to revive the account under billing and services, then just follow the on-screen directions to eventually restart your payroll services in QuickBooks Online.

How do I discontinue using QuickBooks Online to pay my bills?

Follow the straightforward instructions listed below to refuse to pay a bill.
1. Log in to your QuickBooks Online account.
2. Under Bookkeeping, pick Transactions, then select Expenses (Take me there).
3. Select the button for online bill payment.
4. The tab to select is Sent Payments.
5. Discover the desired payment.
6. Click Track Status next to the requested payment.
7. Decide on Reject Payment.

Could you also give a brief explanation of how to cancel your Intuit Online Payroll subscription?

Simply follow the steps below to cancel your Intuit Online Payroll subscription:
1. Launch QuickBooks Online, click Settings, and then choose Accounts and settings.
2. Click the billing and subscriptions section after entering the Payroll area, and then select cancel.
3. Complete the quick survey after deciding to move on and input your cancellation confirmation.



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