how to change company name in quickbooks desktop

Many scenarios happen when you need to give the QuickBooks company file a new name like during a merger.  You can use the Company tab to change the company name in the Change Company Name in QuickBooks. You can check the reflected changes in the emails in the Accounts and Settings option. Here this post will teach you the easy steps to update the company file in QuickBooks. Make sure you have saved the changes

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How to change Company Name in QuickBooks?

If you have recently modified the company name then there are required updates in many other components in Change Company Name in QuickBooks online like email messages, location list, Legal name. Here are the steps outlined to change the company name in QuickBooks Desktop:

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Step 1- Add a new company name in QuickBooks Desktop:

You will discover the company option to change the company name. Once you choose there will appear the My Company tab. Click on the Edit icon heading company details. Make sure you have saved the changes. Follow the below instructions:

  • Open QuickBooks Desktop
  • Hit Company option
  • Click tab named My Company
  • Now press icon named Edit
  • Open the company information
  • Locate the Contact information tab
  • Choose Legal information
  • Give company file a new name
  • Give the company file address
  • Hit OK button

Once your company files have been modified you may need to perform changes to certain other things, name the file according to the company name. When you change the company file then there require changing the name of the file.

Step 2- Modify the company file name in email messages in QuickBooks Desktop:

Now the company has been given a new name, there required to display the new name of the email messages instead of the previous one. To display the new business name in the email messages of QuickBooks Desktop you need to locate Account & Settings option and then the Sales section. Here are the instructions:

  • Tap the button named Gear in the QuickBooks
  • Choose Account & Settings tab
  • Select Sales section
  • Click the Messages tab hit the Pencil button
  • Locate the Email message section where you can change the company file name
  • Hit option named Save to keep the modification
  • Choose Done option
  • Update company information in QuickBooks Online:
  • Open the Settings option
  • Click Account & Settings tab
  • Choose the Sales option then click on the section named Messages
  • Now change the company name
  • Choose Company name
  • Click EIN and write new info
  • Search for the field named Company name
  • Enter the legal name or business name field
  • Unselect company name and fill the legal
  • In case you are using the location tracking section and having different names for different locations then change the custom sale forms.

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There might be several causes to modify the company name. Hopefully, the write-up helped you to edit the company file information and provide a new name. In case of further assistance get connected to the professional team. Use the comment section, live chat, or email address to reach the experts.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are few related questions regarding how to change company details in QuickBooks Desktop.

  1. How would I change the legal name of the QuickBooks company file?

    1. Click on the icon named Gear at the top
    2. Choose the Company option from the left tab
    3. Click on the pencil icon and make the required changes
    4. You can choose “Add legal name” if there is a different legal name in the company file
    5. Hit the Save button then click Done

  2. How can I update the Federal or State EIN in QuickBooks Desktop?

    1. When State EIN or Federal was not entered correctly
    2. During the business entity change, a new EIN number has been allotted to the business
    3. When you change the business structure.

  3. What if I need to change the marketing preferences in QuickBooks Desktop?

    1. Hit on the Gear icon
    2. Choose the Company Settings option
    3. Click the Company tab from the left corner
    4. Select the icon named pencil in the section which says contact info
    5. It let you change the contact information
    6. Now locate the Address button to choose the pencil icon if you require to edit the address of the company
    7. Click on the Marketing Preferences tab to modify the changes
    8. Once you changed the required changes click on the Save button
    9. Hit Done

  4. How can I submit the form after modifying the business name in QB Desktop Assisted Payroll?

    1. Discover the Assisted Legal name change form tab
    2. Enter form fields
    3. Choose the field named new fax number
    4. Take a form print out
    5. Now upload the form
    6. Click Submit it

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