How-to-Convert-QuickBooks Enterprise to Pro or Premier

As your business progresses and the strength of your organization increases, you need to have a more advanced software solution to manage information-based as well as transaction-based data.

This is what makes many organization owners convert QuickBooks Enterprise to Pro or Premier.

Why do you Need to Convert QuickBooks Enterprises to Pro or Premier?

Prior to knowing the steps to convert QuickBooks Enterprise to pro and Premier, it is essential that you first understand why you should consider doing so.

Though the Enterprise version of QuickBooks has many advanced features that might not be found in other versions of QuickBooks, there will be a time when you would desire to allow limited access and authorization for the data saved, thereby securing your data in a much better way.

If you want your data to be handled by just a couple of people, Pro or Premier is the best option for you.

In short, QuickBooks Pro and Premier is a more cost-effective solution, offering the same benefits and features that the Enterprise version provides.

What are the Benefits of Converting QuickBooks Enterprise to Pro or Premier?

We are mindful of the high level elements of QuickBooks endeavor however is it worth the effort at the cost of the security of information? As we would like to think, information is pivotal for any organization and they ought to never keep it in danger. QuickBooks endeavor gives admittance to in excess of 30 clients all at once which intends that there is an extremely high opportunity to lose your information.

It’s undeniably true that QuickBooks Endeavor has progressed highlights. Also, it adds to your general security of the information. Information is significant for each business and it never ought to be endangered.

With the assistance of QuickBooks Endeavor, around 30 clients can gain admittance. This, in short method, that there is a high chance of losing the whole information. Convert QuickBooks Enterprise to pro Genius, then again, empowers just 3-5 clients to get to the information. This implies it is exceptionally protected and profoundly got. One extra advantage of utilizing QuickBooks Star is that it is profoundly cost-effective. Consequently, it is an exercise in futility to squander any cash by utilizing QuickBooks Endeavor. Utilizing QuickBooks Star is the most ideal choice to oversee business bookkeeping.

Another Benefits of Importing QBES into QBO

  • If you need to import your QuickBooks file, make sure that it isn’t larger than 350,000 targets. To trim down the file’s size and make it more manageable, see Trimming your QuickBooks Windows file.
  • You will need to create a QuickBooks Online free trial account at
  • You can only import QuickBooks Desktop data for a limited time after you’ve created your company. If imported, the QuickBooks Desktop file automatically replaces your entire QuickBooks Online file and overwrites any existing information.
  • To view your Quickbooks data, you’ll need to be an Administrator level user on your account.
  • In order to update your Desktop file, you’ll need to log in to your account as the Admin user.
  • You must use Internet Explorer in Windows. Other browsers won’t work.
  • If you experience any errors regarding the file that you’re importing, we recommend reviewing Errors Importing to QuickBooks Online.
  • To understand the key differences between desktop and online, visit the What’s not imported when you move from desktop to online article.

Important Notice for QuickBooks Enterprise users:

Intuit does not officially support moving data from QuickBooks Enterprise to the cloud. Data loss may occur, but if you’re looking for more security and reliability, QuickBooks online is your answer.

For enterprise users, Intuit offers features not available in QuickBooks or QuickBooks online. If you’ve found yourself with quickbooks pro on accident, or only the bare essentials, it might be worth moving to the full version. However, if you’re starting a new business and are looking at Intuit, make sure to start testing out needed features first with a free trial of QuickBooks Pro.

QB Enterprise calculates COGS by averaging cost of goods sold over time. In order to roundtrip later, Pro or Premier on the QBO platform will use Average Cost of Goods Sold calculations. With the conversion process, your Inventory Assets and COGS may be different than they were before. Please check with your accountant to confirm that this might require filing a form with the IRS.

Convert QuickBooks Enterprise To Desktop Pro

Our clients often find themselves in a bind when they need to make the switch from Enterprise edition to Desktop edition, or if they’re using an Enterprise edition that is different from what QuickBooks originally installed. Our trial license of Enterprise edition can help them out for up to three months. Otherwise, 3rd party providers can be used to downgrade their enterprise platforms.

What are the Differences Between QuickBooks Enterprise and Pro?

QuickBooks Enterprise and Pro are two popular versions of QuickBooks. There are significant differences in terms of their features, cost, usage, and security.

  • Uses: Small and medium size businesses prefer QuickBooks Pro. It’s easy to use and it has all the basic accounting features.
  • Security: Choosing the right software for your company depends on many factors, including data security. QuickBooks enterprise offers unlimited users and more than 30 days to protect the confidentiality of your data. Additionally, it has limited security compared to Pro version.
  • Features: Both accounting software provide users with a number of features that are required for running a business smoothly, but Enterprise offers some additional features.
  • Pricing: QuickBooks Pro is designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses, making it more affordable than Enterprise.

Changing QuickBooks Undertaking Over completely to the Internet Based Rendition

  • In QuickBooks, go to the “Organization” tab and select “Product Organization Document to QuickBooks On the web”.
  • Utilize your client ID and secret key qualifications on the “Product to QuickBooks On the web” window. Consent to the agreements.
  • You’ll see the choice to “Make a Duplicate” of your organization document.
  • Start bringing in the Endeavor record. Guarantee that it’s effectively imported to QBO. When that happens you’ll get an affirmation message saying it worked. Current informing says “Looks great! We’ll take it from here!”
  • After you click “Alright”, you ought to get an affirmation email from QuickBooks that says your information is accessible on QBO.
  • Ensure you have a QuickBooks Online record so you can confirm that every one of the information you’ve changed over is open. Did you had any idea that you can likewise change information from different projects over completely to QuickBooks On the web? They have underlying converter apparatuses for a few projects.

The Process to Convert QuickBooks Enterprise to Pro or Premier

Follow the Steps to Convert a file from QuickBooks Enterprise to QuickBooks Desktop Pro or Premier

Step I: Import Enterprise Files to QuickBooks

Import Enterprise Files to QuickBooks
Import Enterprise Files to QuickBooks
  1. Login to QuickBooks
  2. Take a backup of the Enterprise file and save it on the local PC
  3. Restore the backup first and make a second copy to work on
  4. Open Enterprise version on the Home screen
  5. Press Ctrl+1. This opens the Product Information window
  6. Press Ctrl+b now and then Ctrl+q
  7. Click OK
  8. Type your QuickBooks login info in the screen that appears next
  9. Tick Terms of Service checkbox to agree to it
  10. Click Submit
  11. Check the lists to be imported and proceed ahead as per the instructions that pop up

Step II: Export from QuickBooks to Pro or Premier

Export from QuickBooks to Pro or Premier
Export from QuickBooks to Pro or Premier
  • Once the file is up as QuickBooks, you can use IE for further export
  • Follow the prompts to install the controls to help the conversion
  • Select All Financial Data if you want to convert the entire file
  • Click on All financial data without transactions

Step III: Convert the file to Pro and Premier

  1. Open QBDT on the screen
  2. Pick the company file to be converted
  3. Click the Convert button
  4. Follow the prompts

Step IV: Post-Conversion Steps

  • Cancel your subscription to QuickBooks as your purpose is already served
  • Restore all the default settings for the browser. To do this:
    • Open the IE
    • Press ALT+T
    • You will see the Tools menu
    • Move to Internet Options
    • Choose the Security tab
    • Select Reset all zones to default level
    • Click Apply
    • Click OK
    • Shut the IE window

Note: The Internet Explorer plays an important role in the conversion process and it might happen that the browser freezes in between.

Can QuickBooks Enterprise be converted to QuickBooks Premier?

QuickBooks is a popular accounting software used by many businesses to manage their finances. However, as businesses grow, their accounting needs may change, and they may need to upgrade or downgrade their QuickBooks software accordingly. If you are currently using QuickBooks Enterprise and considering a switch to QuickBooks Premier, there are several factors to consider.

QuickBooks Enterprise is a powerful accounting software that offers advanced features and tools, such as advanced inventory tracking, custom reporting, and multi-user access. However, these features may not be necessary for all businesses and may come at a higher cost.

QuickBooks Premier, on the other hand, is a more affordable option that still offers many features, including customized invoices, sales orders, and purchase orders. It also allows up to five users to access the software simultaneously.

If you’ve decided that QuickBooks Premier is the right choice for your business, the next step is to convert your QuickBooks Enterprise data to QuickBooks Premier. Here are the steps you should take to ensure a smooth transition:

Create a backup of your QuickBooks Enterprise Data.

Before you begin the conversion process, it’s essential to create a backup of your QuickBooks Enterprise data. This ensures that you have a copy of your data in case anything goes wrong during the conversion process.

Purchase QuickBooks Premier and install the software.

To use QuickBooks Premier, you will need to purchase and install the software. Make sure to choose the correct version of QuickBooks Premier that matches your business needs.

Open QuickBooks Enterprise and select “Export List” from the File menu

In QuickBooks Enterprise, select “Export List” from the File menu and choose the lists you want to export. You can export lists such as customers, vendors, products and services, and accounts.

Save the Exported File.

Save the exported file to your computer or a location where you can easily access it.

Open QuickBooks Premier and select “Import Data” from the File menu.

In QuickBooks Premier, select “Import Data” from the File menu and choose the type of data you want to import. You can import customers, vendors, products and services, and accounts.

Select the file you exported from QuickBooks Enterprise.

Navigate to the location where you saved the exported file and select it. QuickBooks Premier will then import the data from the file.

Review and reconcile your data.

After importing your data, review it to ensure that everything transferred correctly. You should also reconcile your accounts to ensure that your financial statements are accurate.

No matter where you get stuck, feel free to connect with experts available 24/7 on LIVE CHAT. In conclusion, converting from QuickBooks Enterprise to QuickBooks Premier is a straightforward process that can save your business money while still providing the features you need. By following the steps outlined above, you can ensure a smooth transition and continue to manage your finances efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I just have a new client, he previously using QuickBooks Enterprise 2020. But not he wants to use only Desktop Pro 2021. How can I converting QuickBooks Enterprise to pro and What is the process of QuickBooks file conversion?

    If your client want to convert QuickBooks enterprise file to pro and he is using Enterprise edition. Ask him to use the trial license of QuickBooks Enterprise edition for the time being. Otherwise, you have to buy our downgrade service to convert it. Our team is good at QuickBooks data moving or downgrade service & can convert qbw enterprise file to a file that can work with QuickBooks desktop pro.

  2. What are the ways to downgrade QuickBooks desktop enterprise to premier version?

    Unfortunately you can’t do it from within QuickBooks. But we have in-house tools that can downgrade QuickBooks desktop enterprise to premier.

  3. How to Convert QuickBooks Enterprise to Desktop Mac?

    There is currently no option to convert QBDT Enterprise company files to QBDT for Mac.
    In order to workaround this issue, you must export your Enterprise company files as Intuit Interchange Format (.IIF) and then import them into your Mac.
    1. Select Export, then IIF Files.
    2. Select the items you want to export. Select OK.
    3. Save the file where you want it.
    4. Delete the asterisk (*) and type the name of the file in the File name field. Select IIF Files (.IIF) as the file type, then click Save.
    The following steps will guide you through importing it into QBDT for Mac:
    1. Make sure you are logged in as an Admin and in Single User mode as well.
    2. Select IIF Files from the Import menu under Utilities.
    3. Locate your .IIF file and open it.
    4. If you receive a pop-up message confirming your data has been imported, click OK

  4. How to Downgrade QuickBooks Enterprise to Pro?

    Important notes before you move to downgrade:
    1. QuickBooks files must not exceed 350,000 in size. Contact our experts if you are unable to trim it down.
    2. You must have administrator rights to your QuickBooks Enterprise account.
    3. To access your Desktop file, you must be logged in as the admin user.
    4. If you receive an error when importing a file, feel free to contact our experts.
    5. Ensure that your Enterprise file is backed up locally. You can work off the second copy of the backup created when you restore the backup. You will keep your original file untouched in case anything goes wrong. Your local copy will now be used instead of the server copy.
    6. Remember: Downgrading from QuickBooks Enterprise to Pro is not supported by Intuit and may result in data loss. Hence, you need a professional for this task.

  5. Why Should you Contact Experts to Downgrade QuickBooks Enterprise to QuickBooks Pro or Premier?

    You should contact QuickBooks professionals instead of trying to do the downgrade yourself, since it is a complex technique, not recommended for all situations

  6. How do I convert QuickBooks Enterprise to QuickBooks Accountant?

    Converting QuickBooks Enterprise to the Online Version
    1. To export your company file to QuickBooks Online, open the QuickBooks app and select the “Company” tab. From there, choose “Export Company File”.
    2. Use your user ID and password on the “Export to QuickBooks Online” window
    3. If you’re planning to export your company file, there’s an option to “Make a Copy” of it.

  7. Can I restore QuickBooks Enterprise to Pro?

    To import your company files from QuickBooks Enterprise to QuickBooks Desktop, here are the steps you’ll need to follow: Log in to your application. Take a backup of the files and save it on your hard drive. Restore the backup file, and then make a copy of it.

  8. Upgrade QuickBooks Pro to Enterprise

    It is possible to install different versions of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, such as the current year’s version and the previous year’s version, on a single computer. However, it is important to note that all users who access the company file must use the same version of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise.

  9. Is QuickBooks Enterprise compatible with QuickBooks Pro?

    If you move your file to Enterprise, you cannot open it in QuickBooks Pro or Premier.

  10. How do I migrate from Enterprise to QuickBooks online?

    1. Log in to QuickBooks Desktop as an administrator for the company file you want to import.
    2. Access the Company menu and choose “Export Company File to QuickBooks Online.”
    3. Initiate the process by selecting “Get started.”
    4. Click on “Select destination” and sign in to your QuickBooks Online account.

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