How to Convert QuickBooks Online to Desktop

If you’re planning to shift from QuickBooks online to Desktop, then all you need to do is import the data into the desktop based software. Undoubtedly, QuickBooks Desktop packs more features but sacrifices on accessibility. However, if your decision is final, then you can follow the steps mentioned in this article to import your data from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop.

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To transfer your accounting data from QuickBooks online to QuickBooks desktop, follow the steps provided below:

  1. Log into QuickBooks Online.
  2. Click on the Gear Icon, and Select Export Data.
  3. Enter the reason and click on Continue.
  4. Click on Learn More under Moving to QuickBooks Desktop?
  5. Click on Learn More under Download Company Data.
  6. In the export overview screen, review your accounting data.
  7. Click on Get Started.
  8. Select Continue to Download from the Exporting from QuickBooks Online page.
  9. Follow on-screen instructions to export the data from QuickBooks online.

Some data types aren’t included in the exported file. However, all of the essential accounting data will be present in the exported company file. You can launch QuickBooks desktop and open the new company file in it.

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We also recommend that you update QuickBooks Desktop to the latest version before importing the accounting data. To update QuickBooks Desktop, follow the steps provided below:

  1. Go to the Help menu, and select Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Click on Update Now.
  3. Select Get Updates.
  4. Select the updates you wish to install on your system.
  5. Wait for the update files to download. When QuickBooks prompts you to begin the process, click on yes.

Wait for the process to complete. After that you can open the company file in QuickBooks Desktop and start working with your accounting data.

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Q. I get an error while trying to update QuickBooks Desktop. How do I resolve this error?

A. You can download the update files from Intuit’s website and then install it on your system. This way, you can bypass any errors related to the accounting software.

Q. Do I need to upgrade the company file?

A. No. The software will automatically do that for you. You can open the company file directly through QuickBooks Desktop.