How to Delete a Company in Quickbooks

User Query: I have 3 companies with the same name. The other two are mistakes. Unfortunately, I am not aware of how to delete them, but I would like them removed. How can I delete a company in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac?

A: You can make a backup of your data by copying it to another device (USB, Flash drive, CD-ROM, DropBox, etc.) in case something happens.. Now you can delete a company in QuickBooks to the trash by right clicking the folder where your files are located, which is typically documents>QuickBooks. Also you can rename the company file and delete its files from the address folder. Then, if the URL is still there, hide the file name.


QuickBooks is a part of ongoing trend and several leading businesses are switching to this platform for accounting purpose. Simple instructions, easy procedures and quick operations are some alluring benefits to look forward to. In no time, you can finish doing all the maintenance part and get accurate calculations. It will give you a precise idea of your expenses, expenditure, profit and loss statement, and also enables you to plan your future investments in an organized manner.

Do you want to remove a company in QuickBooks Desktop? – Follow the steps

There might be several opportunities for your business to collaborate your work with certain other small businesses or partners for short term. Once your tenure is over and you part ways, their data will also be as good as closed. Although, being a smart tool for accounting and Bookkeeping, it can auto-update the data itself. As a bookkeeping tool, QuickBooks will also need certain instructions to do so as deleting companies file from the existing data is a very specific task.

These are the instructions to follow while deleting the company file from your QuickBooks account:

  • Sign in QuickBooks account
  • Go to the Charts of accounts
  • Look for the File menu.
  • Click on the option of Close Company.
  • A drop down will appear and you need to select the Edit button.
  • Choose the company file you wish to delete and put a check-mark next to it.
  • And click on OK.

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Once these above mentioned steps are completed, your company file will not appear in your existing data and will make your records more accurate.

Like any other file, this can be deleted. But you may want to be careful. At the time of audit, you may need all the data you had with you. So it is a very smart choice to keep a backup for the same.

The Bookkeeping maintenance is not at all hard with QuickBooks. But each task has its own importance. As a smart choice, QuickBooks is something that can do a lot for you. You never have to worry about the data maintenance with QuickBooks. Be it recording all the transactions, reports, invoices, etc or deleting certain things.

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It is best suited for all the small and mid-sized businesses and helps them in maintaining the accounting book and company records. The most appreciated feature is the ease of navigation and accuracy. It is almost like hiring an accountant for your business.

In case, at any point, you may need any kind of assistance regarding the same. Then, there is a team of well trained personnel who are there to assist you. You just need to talk with LIVE CHAT expert and get connected with them.

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