How to Delete a Customer in QuickBooks

When it comes to getting customers, it actually is equal to a jump into an ocean full of possibilities and potential audience. It is not necessary that you will be getting same clients. With bit by bit, your client base grows with respect to the quality and relevant products your business offers. However, there will be some time, when you wish to delete a certain record related to some specific customers. As a well renowned accounting and book keeping software, QuickBooks can facilitate you in many ways. It maintains records for customers, payments, expenses, etc.

In order to keep your customer data well managed, you may have to eliminate few customer entries as well at a certain point. It will enable you to plan your Marketing strategy accordingly.

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Delete Inactive Customer or Multiple Customers from QuickBooks Desktop or Mac.

Please refer to these following steps to delete the customers in your QuickBooks Desktop:

Deleting a Customers from QuickBooks Desktop – Options & Steps

Option 1:

  1. Sign in your QuickBooks account.
  2. Go to the left panel and select Sales menu
  3. Click on the Customers tab.
  4. Choose a customer and click on Details tab,
  5. Click Edit.  
  6. After this, Select Make inactive option, then Yes to confirm the deletion.

Option 2:

  1. Sign in QuickBooks account
  2. Go back to the Customers tab option,
  3. Choose the specific customer by putting a check mark on the box besides the customer’s name.
  4. Click the Batch actions and it will give you a drop-down,
  5. Then select the button of inactive.
  6. Once the customers are inactive, you can select Yes to confirm the deletion.

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Moreover, you need not delete the customer data altogether. If you wish to keep it, you can simply make the customer inactive and use the streamlined data. Whenever you need the access back for these inactive customer, just retrace your steps and make them active again. Making inactive is also as good as deleting the customer’s data from your QuickBooks account.

Importance of Customer Data Management

Any business cannot survive if there would be no customers. Hence, data related to these customers is crucial to any size of the business. Marketing becomes easier and re-targeting customers’ basis their preference and interests is something every company works for to gain long term relationship with their clients.

It is important for your data to be accurate, free of error and duplicate entries. In simple terms, this data needs continuous management to keep it fit for future conversions.

Why Choose QuickBooks?

Like its name suggests, with QuickBooks’ advanced approach, you get to manage it all in just few clicks. As a new ongoing trend, several of the businesses are planning to switch to QuickBooks as it is a smart tool used for business data management.

A well managed customer base will exclude any accidental entries or misspelled names. Once you know your customers and their preferences, in no time, you can offer them relevant offers.  

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