How to do Freshbooks Integration with QuickBooks

FreshBooks used for medium and small size businesses can be useful if integrated with other software.

But there are some stages involved, or you can say that as the software is web-based, it will be more helpful in keeping track records of the account of your business. 

QuickBooks work a step ahead. Being an accounting software, they allow for on-premise accounting applications along with the cloud-based version.

The software also provides for business payment, payroll function, and paying and managing bills. 

Though the two-software works almost in the same way and their destination are similar too. But you can easily import data from FreshBooks to QuickBooks. The software can be integrated, but the question remains how and what will be the consequences? 

Why is the integration of FreshBooks and QuickBooks necessary? 

Both software is used for accounting purposes. You have to get an idea of both thoroughly and understand that you need good qualities from both.

So, you have to integrate them. This integration will result in a way that will be more helpful and work-friendly for the people who use this software regularly. 

Created by Intuit, QuickBooks offer more features other than FreshBooks which is made from the house of Both of them can be accessed from a smartphone only.

While integrated, they will be easier to access. This will enhance the process of accounting and make it faster than usual. 

Besides the software works on desktop and laptop too. Working on them is relatively easy and comfortable for such minute details of accounting. You can have access to more features in the desktop versions. 

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As the process of integration is an online process, you can save valuable time of yours, and the workflow will get automatic without much human interference. 

The Process of Integration 

The integration of FreshBooks into QuickBooks needs to follow a proper procedure that consists of some definite steps which should be followed:

Step 1– You have to authenticate both the software through an online process. This is mandatory to go ahead with the following steps. But make it within 30 seconds.

Step2– You have to choose software as the trigger which will kick off the automation. You only have 15 seconds to make the decision. 

Step 3– You need to pick a resulting action from the second software or application within just 15 seconds again. This will make the process work successfully. 

Step 4– As you can share the data within one software with the other one to work on, the process becomes more comfortable and faster. You can share the data within a stipulated time of 2 minutes. 

Step 5– Now, you can use the data from both the application or software, and the work gets done early than before. The accounting becomes fun with the software. 

Once you are done with the integration procedure, you can easily use both the software and application all along and do the work seamlessly.

It will save you valuable time for other books too. 

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If you face any problem at any stages of the integration, you can contact the experts at LIVE CHAT and get the needed assistance to integrate FreshBooks with QuickBooks. 

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