How to Import Estimates into QuickBooks Desktop

While discussing about the import of financial data from an Excel sheet or CSV file to QuickBooks, it is prominent to mention the methods of including creating estimates in the list. Yes, importing estimates into QuickBooks Desktop is as essential as updating the Chart of Accounts or journal entries.

The process to import estimates into QuickBooks Desktop differs based on the method or platform you use to carry out the same.

The Process Import Estimates

Option 1: Using the Import Wizard

The simplified and feasible Import wizard makes the whole process easy. You just need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • On the dashboard, click the Import button OR Go to the File menu and choose Import
  • The Import Wizard appears
  • Navigate to File Selection screen 
  • Choose the required QuickBooks transaction. Make sure the file types are supported
  • Browse and select the file that you are looking forward to importing
  • Now choose the sheet of the selected file that you desire to import. This is an option to be followed if you have a spreadsheet data to import.
  • Click Next

Map the fields

  • As soon as the file is uploaded, the mapping screen will appear next
  • Select File Header for every QB field. When it’s the Dancing Number Template file, this step is not required.
  • Click Add/Save Mapping
  • Choose Show Important Fields to filter the required fields
  • You can customize the data or convert it using functions like Override, Skip if Matches, Replace if Matches, etc.
  • Click Next

Review & Import

When the mapping is done, you will be taken to review & Import screen

  • You can review the Excel spreadsheets over here before the import
  • Click Import Setting if you want to customize the data to be imported to QuickBooks Desktop
  • Once the import is done, you will be able to see a QuickBooks link in the list
  • Click it to import the estimates into QuickBooks Desktop.

Option 2: Using the 3rd party app in QuickBooks Desktop

  • Go to the QuickBooks Desktop Apps Store.
  • Select the All Applications tab.
  • You can add filters by CategoriesQuickBooks Compatibility, and Developer.
  • Enter the processor in the Search field.

In case the two above mentioned options do not work for you, you can get in touch with the experts for assistance. Our representatives are available 24*7 at Live Chat and you can connect with them anytime and get guided instantly.

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