The merging account is an irreversible procedure. So, it requires thinking before merging two accounts. It is a very tricky task especially if one account is reconciled. In QuickBooks, you can merge two accounts simultaneously but make sure they must be the same. The below article will teach you how to merge two accounts in QuickBooks. Let’s delve into the write-up to know the step wise instruction for merging two accounts.

You can merge two bank accounts in QB to sync them into one. After you have the information of the list of expenses, your accounts will be merged in QuickBooks. The merger between your bank accounts is done by using the Chart of Accounts feature in QB. Once it’s complete, you can use a single account that only contains all transactions from both bank accounts.

How Can You Merge Two Bank Accounts in QuickBooks?

You can merge two bank accounts into QuickBooks by tapping on the Lists tab and then going to Chart of Accounts. Then pick the account you want to merge. Next, tap on the Account button and change the type of account if needed.

  • Run “QuickBooks”.
  • Select “Lists” from the menu.
  • Tap on the “Chart of Accounts” option.
  • Choose the account that is to be merged.
  • After that, press “Account”.
  • Pick the “Edit Account” button.
  • When two different accounts are going to be merged, it is required that the “Account Type” on each account be changed.

Important: You cannot replace the accounts that you created automatically, the A/R accounts, or the accounts attached with sub-accounts while merging.

Note: Make sure that the account types of both accounts match. If they do not, then you may not be able to merge them.

  • Search for “Name” in the search box in order to find your account.
  • Hit the “Save & Close” tab.
  • Click on “Yes” for confirmation. 

Things You Need to do Before Merging Bank Accounts in QuickBooks Desktop:

QBDT provides two bank accounts for each business. In order to simplify your accounting practices, you can use QuickBooks Desktop to merge these bank accounts. For this process, select the Lists feature from Chart of Accounts. Next, make sure to save a copy of the name of your old account so that it can be used when creating a new one. Right-click on your old account, then choose Edit Account.

Know how to merge accounts in QuickBooks using following steps:

  • Firstly, click the accounting section and then hit Chart of accounts
  • It will direct you to the account listing
  • Check the assets and then click bank accounts and check the duplication
  • Now open each account and check which one is reconciled
  • After this check, the account number you should merge is the one that is not required
  • Make sure the account is not reconciled
  • Now give a new name to the reconciled account

How to Combine Two Accounts in QuickBooks?

Ensure that the merging process cannot be undone if once done. When you have two accounts from a similar bank and want to merge them into one account then below mentioned is the list of steps you must follow.

  • Hit on the icon named Gear in the upper-right corner of the screen
  • Hit Chart of Accounts tab
  • Click on the column named Action
  • Choose Edit for the account you are storing
  • Now copy the name as you copied from the one to merger to and ensure that you have marked the sub-account and taken a note of detail type and the related parent account
  • Hit the Cancel button to redirect the Chart of Accounts tab
  • Locate to the account that you don’t need to use and hit the Edit button in the Action column
  • Next, paste in the Name and ensure that the type of the Detail matches the merging account
  • In case they are sub-accounts ensure that they are related to the same parent
  • If one is a sub-account, then ensure that it is a parent account by unselecting the tab named Is subaccount
  • Hit Save button
  • Choose the Yes tab to confirm the merging of the account

How to Merge Customers in QuickBooks Online?

Merging customer in QuickBooks specifies deletion of a customer from the customer list. You can merge the duplicate customer with the below steps:

  • Open the Sales section
  • Choose the option named Customers
  • Select the customer’s name you do not need and then hit on the Edit button
  • Give the other customer a name in the box named Display name as
  • After this click Save it
  • Finally hit the Yes button to confirm it


Here the post came to an end. Make sure you took the backup of the data before implementing the merging steps. If the method failed to provide you with the help you thought it would, you can get connected to a professional team for further advice.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Few more questions related to merging duplicate accounts, customers, vendors, bank accounts in QuickBooks.

What things do I need to consider before merging a customer in QuickBooks?

You require deleting the customer statement if you extend to merge customers. Make sure the sub-level of customers that you are merging are the same. Ensure that the sub-customer list will not permit the merging of the account.

How would I delete the unwanted transactions in QuickBooks?

1. Open the register screen
2. Click grab the transactions
3. Hit Delete button
4. In case you have planned simply to delete from the unrequired
5. bank account then gives two clicks on the same.
6. Once you remove the transaction than just delete the bank account
7. Hit the account using the register window to delete the account and then choose the Use register button
8. Select delete

What If I need to merge vendors in QuickBooks?

1. Firstly, save the important data of the vendors
2. Click on the Expenses tab
3. Hit Vendors button
4. You require choose the vendor’s name that you need to use
5. Select Edit tab
6. Create an identical vendor to the merging vendor and change the name, title, and suffix
7. Ensure that name is the same as the displaying name
8. Hit Save button

Can I merge the accounts that are not from the same parents?

No, you require the accounts to have the same parent or sublevel

Do I merge the jobs in two accounts in QuickBooks?

1. Hit tab named Customer & jobs on the Customer Center
2. Now double-click on the record of the customer, write and then copy the name of the job at the window top.
3. After this close the window
4. Next double-click on the record that needs to be merged
5. Modify the job name
6. Hit Ok
7. Choose the “Yes” button to confirm that you need to merge the jobs.

Can I merge the five accounts in QuickBooks?

You can merge two accounts at a time. However, if the customer has multiple accounts, then you should merge the two files and then repeat the procedure to merge the accounts.

How to UNMERGE customer accounts in QuickBooks Desktop for WINDOWS?

1. Merge the entries on the list where they appear.
2. Take note of which entry you want to keep.
3. Choose Edit from the right-click menu of the entry you do not wish to use.
4. Click Paste, then Save & Close.
The entries will be combined if you click Yes.
Merge-or-Consolidate-Accounts-in-QuickBooks-DesktopMerge or Consolidate Accounts in QuickBooks Desktop

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