How-to-Migrate-QuickBooks to the New Server

You may need to migrate your QuickBooks data to a new server if you are replacing your existing server. You need to migrate QuickBooks files to a new server when you need accounting data or you need to access your QuickBooks company files. However, when you are migrating from one server to another, you need to install and set up a multi-user network so that your team members can access required QuickBooks files. The below steps will help you out in migrating the QuickBooks from one server to another.

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Steps to Migrate QuickBooks to the New Server:

When one computer is hosting all the QuickBooks company files, it is called a server computer, all the other computers connected to the server computers are called workstations. Sometimes as it happens, the old server is replaced with the new one and you need to migrate your QuickBooks data to the new server. For those situations, you can simply follow the below steps to migrate QuickBooks to the new server:

Process: Installation of QuickBooks Desktop on a new server computer

  • Create a backup of the QuickBooks file on your computer with a different name.
    • You should save the backup files on the local drive of the computer and not on the network.
    • Install the QuickBooks software on your new server computer and select “custom and network install” and click on “I’ll be using QuickBooks desktop on this computer” if you need to use the full version of the software on your server computer.
    • And if the server computer is just required for hosting the files, then click on “I will NOT be using QuickBooks desktop on this computer”.
    • Now complete the installation process.
move quickbooks to new server
  • Setting up of Folder permission: Ensure to set up the folder permission for granting access of company files to another computer on the network or server.
  • Installation of QuickBooks data server manager: Ensure that QuickBooks data server manager is installed as it will enable you to share company files over the server or network.
  • Setting up of admin rights: The account which is used to log in to the server computer should have windows admin right, and the windows account must have the database server manager admin right.
  • Scan the folder holding QuickBooks files: Use the data server manager to scan the company files in the file.
  • Turn on yes for hosting: In the last step, you need to go to the QuickBooks desktop “file” menu, then click on “utilities” and select “host multi user-access” and click on “Yes”.

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The last step will help your new server computer to host the company file over the new server. Hopefully, the above steps will help you in completing the migration of QuickBooks to the new server computer in a hassle-free manner. The process is simple and easy to understand and will help you to continue your accounting and bookkeeping work on a new server in no time.

However, in case you do have any further questions, you can contact our LIVE CHAT and QuickBooks technical support team will help you.

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