How to Print 1099 in QuickBooks Desktop

Employers who’ve paid money to entities or people other than their own employees need to file the 1099s. So if you hired contractors or freelancers and paid them via cheque or cash, then this form must be filed with the IRS. However, if you paid them through credit card or bank account, then you don’t need to file the form, as the bank will notify the IRS of the transaction.

If you’re filing the taxes, then you can enter the email address of each vendor. QuickBooks will automatically send a copy of the 1099s to the vendors for whom you’ve entered the email address.

QuickBooks 1099 Wizard
Screenshot QuickBooks 1099 Wizard

To print 1099 forms from QuickBooks, follow the steps provided below:

  1. Click on Vendors from the main menu.
  2. Select Print/E-File 1099s.
  3. Click on the 1099 Wizard.
  4. Select Get Started.
  5. The Select your 1099 vendors window will appear. Here, you need to select vendors:
    • Who need a corrected version of 1099
    • Who weren’t included in the earlier printing of 1099
  6. Verify your vendor’s information window will appear. Here, you need to view the accuracy of the data. Click on Continue.
  7. Ensure that the payment accounts are mapped accurately. Click on Continue.
  8. Review the Payments and hit Continue.
  9. Select Print 1099s from the Choose a filing method.
  10. Check Print Settings. Click on Print.

If you’re filing your 1099s directly through QuickBooks, then a copy of the 1099s is sent to each selected vendor automatically. The contractors usually require the QuickBooks 1099s to file their own taxes with the IRS. Not having access to these forms can be very debilitating. This is why we recommend that you file your 1099s as early as possible.

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