QuickBooks software is one such special accounting software that can not only tackle day to day financial activities of the business but also helps in performing other tasks like sending invoices, keeping track of debtors & inventories along with maintain note of cash flow within the business. The software offers multitude features which are adept in handling all the tasks without much human interference. One of the most important features of the software is of Invoice, under which user can create, send and print single as well as in batch invoices to the customers who owe business money.

Invoice Payment is one of the most imperative tasks of the business as it results in flow of cash from the customers who either purchased the company’s products or experienced the services accorded by you. These payments play a major role as any stoppage or delay in payment have the power to stop the operations from going further.

There are times when user might face problems with invoice feature, as in with its creation or editing it. Deletion is another common problem with invoice and many users face this issue as illustrated below.

Query – The user needs to bring back the deleted invoice without needing to use the feature of Match. One option that many users are recommended is that they can clear their paid invoices in tandem with the deposits in bank through ‘Match’ feature of the software. However, user doesn’t wish to utilize this method and requires another way to retrieve a deleted invoice. The issue is that ‘match’ tool of the software has only worked on two invoices and for the rest the feature is not showing favorable result. They by mistake deleted wrong transaction and now needs to recover the same.

It is much obvious how imperative each and every record of invoice is for any business and thus it is equally important to recover any of the lost or deleted one. However, the recover a deleted invoice is not been resolved with manual steps yet and thus mostly experts suggest looking at the required invoice details through Audit Log tool and create a new invoice with the same details.

The steps are listed below to recover deleted invoice:

  1. Open QuickBooks software and locate ‘Gear’ icon present in the right corner of the top half of the screen. Click on it followed by ‘Audit Log’ option.
  2. Next is to select the arrow of drop down menu right beside ‘Filter’ option.
  3. Choose the option – ‘All Users’ as well as ‘All Dates’.
  4. Go to ‘Events’ tab and under the new screen click on the box against option labeled ‘Show only these events’.
  5. Furthermore, the box against option of ‘Transactions’ also need to be check-marked followed by selecting the ‘Apply’ button.
  6. In the list shown, locate the required invoice and then click on ‘View’ tab.
  7. Select the time tab to know more about the invoice and then create a new one by clicking on ‘+’ icon shown on top half of the screen.
  8. Select the option of ‘Invoice’, type in the required details asked for and then click on ‘Save’ option.

The above steps should be beneficial in creating the deleted or lost invoice in just few minutes. This process can be followed alone by the user or in the presence of QuickBooks experts who can guide the user through the whole process smoothly.

The above listed steps ensure that the user can easily recreate the deleted invoice and progress with their tasks without any hindrance. Incase user still has issues; it is advisable to approach the ever-professional knowledgeable QuickBooks Proadvisor set up by Intuit. Moreover, if there is any issue in connecting with the team of QuickBooks for the same user can connect with us at our toll-free number + and live chat option on our website – QuickbooksNumber.Support.