How to Recover My Data from QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise has the feature, which is known as Auto Data Recovery or ADR. If in case your data got corrupted & need to restore or there is a case of data loss, then with the help of ADR you can easily recover all the data of yours.

Let’s have a look on methods that can help you to recover the data:

Recovering the Recent Transactions, by using .TLG file with .QBW.adr file, an Original one

You can make use of original Transaction Log file along with company file’s ADR version, in order to recover all the recent transactions.

  1. Get the new folder created on the Desktop and name it QBTest
  2. Then, open that folder, where you have saved the company file
  3. Now, go to the folder of company file and search .tlg file. Name of this file is same as the name of the company file of yours

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Note: If you are unable to identify which one is the .tlg file then contact QuickBooks technical support team.

  1. Get corresponding .tlg file copied from the company file of yours and get it pasted to the folder of QBTest present on the desktop
  2. Then, open the folder of QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery. You can find it in the same location, where your company file is saved
  3. Make sure that QBW.adr file is copied and then pasted in QBTest Folder. Now, you should have the .tlg as well as the QBW.adr file present in QBTest folder
  4. Now, go to the QBTest folder and then right click on the file of QBW.adr and then choose Rename
  5. Make sure that you get the .adr deleted from the file’s end
  6. Open QuickBooks
  7. Then, open that company file, which is saved in the folder of QBTest. Make use of the account register of yours, in order to ensure that all the transactions are present there
  8. Now, select the File and then Utilities and then Verify Data, in order to check the integrity of data of the file, which you have recovered
  9. If you find this copy of company file OK, then ensure that damaged company file is moved to some other location. After doing this, make sure that copy is transferred to original location from QBTest.

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With the QuickBooks ADR feature, you can hassle free get the lost QuickBooks Enterprise data file. However we recommended to call  an experienced QuickBooks enterprise support phone number to connect to an expert or discuss with LIVE chat representative now.