how to recover quickbooks data from hard drive

When using the QuickBooks system there might take place several issues. Major error messages can be fixed by recovering corrupted data. The process of creating a backup is important. Usually, the hard drive contains the QuickBooks files. The data files come in the extension .IIF, QBA, QBY, ND, .QBW etc.

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The data loss of these files might be because of many reasons such as accidental deletion of the Recover QuickBooks Data from Hard Drive, corrupted hard drive, abnormal device damage or operation, inaccessible files, the inability to access the backup or functioning of the system, or virus attacks. The below article is rounded up with the troubleshooting guide to recover QuickBooks data from DriveHow to Transfer QuickBooks to Another Computer?.

When did you Require Recovering files from Hard Drive?

  • Inaccessible files due to the corrupted device
  • The accidental file deletion
  • Overwrite data control structures
  • Unable to open back up
  • Abnormal computer operation
  • Virus corrupt the upgrades
  • Corrupted operating system
  • Power loss
  • Data loss due to the storage device
  • Overheating
  • Damaged tape heaters
  • Corrupted backup file
  • Incorrect storage
  • Mistakenly heater overwriting

How to Recover QuickBooks Data?

Use the QB Auto recovery to fix the lost data. Make sure you have followed the instructions:

  • QB ADR file acts as the functionality in the QB Pro, Premier, & Enterprise solutions.
  • The backup file cannot be created if it is more than 1.5 GB
  • Make sure the QuickBooks Desktop is updated

Follow the below methods to fix the QuickBooks backup with the QB Auto data recovery tool:

Solution 1- Follow the.TLG using “.QBW.adr” file:

Make sure you have the original Transaction Log file & the QB data recovery file version of the QuickBooks company file to fix all transactions. Here are the steps:

  • Initially create the advanced folder on your desktop
  • Now give the folder a name as QBTest
  • Next, you require to locate the folder with the company file
  • If you failed to discover the company file then simply find it on the screen named Product information
  • Now paste the same company file (.tlg File) to the folder labeled QBTest; It must appear on the desktop
  • Make sure you are using the correct file extensions
  • Press the Windows+E tab to open My computer
  • Locate Organize
  • Select Folder buttons
  • If you are using Windows 8, 8.1, or 10, you need to click the View tab
  • Choose the Filename
  • Click Hide Extensions
  • Start clicking on Apply button
  • Hit OK tab
  • Next, click the folder labeled QB Auto Data recovery on the location named QuickBooks Company File
  • Choose the file named QBW.adr
  • Now move to the folder labeled QBTest
  • You will get the .tlg & .adr file in a single folder which says QBTest folder
  • Give a name to QBW adr file in the QBTest folder
  • Next, delete .adr from the end of the file
  • Once you removed .adr the next step is to start QuickBooks Desktop
  • After this, you need to open the company file which is located in the QBTest folder
  • Ensure that you have verified the utility program to verify the company file
  • Modify the corrupted company file location in case you receive a company file copy
  • Next move the company file copy to the actual location

Solution 2- Use previous .QBW.adr and TLG.ADR files:

In this QB Data recovery file is used to fix the issue. In this both.TLG and. QBW files will be used.

Using this technique the transactions from the previous 12 hours can be restored. Here are the steps:

  • In this method, you have to create one folder on the system
  • Give the folder name as QBTest
  • Next, you need to open the folder labeled QuickBooksAutoDataRecovery
  • After this, you need to use both TLG.adr & QBW.adr extension files
  • Now embed it in the QBTest folder

Great! You have successfully restored the lost data. If you still face any issues then get connected to the professional team. The experts are there to help you to resolve the error.  Use a live chat, drop an email or use a phone number to get connected with the team members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most common questions related to recovery of QuickBooks Data from hard drive.

In which extensions do I find with data files in QuickBooks Desktop?

.IIF, .ND, .QBA, .QBM, .QBX, .QBB, .QBY, & .QBW

Can I fix the corrupted database in QuickBooks?

Yes, you can use the QuickBooks recovery utility to resolve the issue

Do I create the Auto data recovery file with a 2 GB file size?

No, the QuickBooks would not be able to create the auto-recovery file of the size more than 1.5 GB.

How would I show the file extensions while fixing the error?

1. Open File Explorer window
2. Select Organize tab
3. Click on the Folder
4. Hit Search options
5. Choose View tab
6. Select Filename extension
7. Click on the button named Hide extensions for known file types
8. At last, select Apply
9. Hit OK tab

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