Due to an issue with the company file after upgrading to 2022 Pro, I can only find data from 2/2/2022. What is the process for Recover QuickBooks Payroll files these or finding the information so that my reports and forms are accurate?

The latest company file may have been moved or renamed, which is why you cannot access it. To locate your company file, we can perform a wild card search.

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In library databases, you can use this method to maximize your search results. To begin, go to your server computer and enter the following keywords in the search bar:

  • Accountants Transfer Files – .qbx
  • Accountants Change Files – .qby
  • Working Files – .qbw
  • Back-Up Files – .qbb
  • Accountants Copy Files – .qba

If the search doesn’t work correctly, please include an asterisk before the extension type. If you find the file, take note of its location and then open or restore it in QuickBooks Desktop. I would recommend contacting your local IT support to assist you with finding the company file if you can’t find it.

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