Many invoices, rent payments, or journal entries consistently recur from month to month. Never miss a transaction again by creating “memorized transactions” in QuickBooks Desktop or set “Recurring Transactions” in QuickBooks Online.

What is a Memorized Transaction In QuickBooks?

  • Transaction templates that have been memorized can speed up data entry. First, any repeating transaction that occurs repeatedly over time is a typical application for the remembered transaction. 
  • Additionally, as products or services are given, recurring transactions can be established automatically or on demand at intervals of weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. 
  • Creating a transaction that has already been partially or fully generated on the remembered transaction list will also save you time in your daily tasks.
  •  A QuickBooks memorized transaction can be made from any estimate, sales order, invoice, sales receipt, purchase order, bill, or check. 
  • Accessing the remembered transaction list is simple, and creating an entry with just one click (or you can set them to automatically).

Why Use Memorized Transactions in QuickBooks?

  • QuickBooks Memorized Transactions boost bookkeeping accuracy, save time, cut down on errors, and help you keep better track of your bank account balance. 
  • The transaction’s repetitive features will be saved if it is memorized.
  • When you enter a new transaction from the memorized transaction list, the majority or all of the information that has to be tagged to that transaction will already be there the next time you need one. 
  • QuickBooks will notify you when it’s time to enter a memorized automatic transaction and you can opt to input it with a single click.
  • Recurring Transactions, which can be found in the drop-down menu next to the large gear in the top right corner of the browser, is another name that QuickBooks Online gives to its QuickBooks Memorized Transactions.

Learn How to Set up, Delete and Manage Repeated Transactions in QuickBooks Desktop for Windows and Mac

Desktop QuickBooks for Windows

  • Your transactions that you have memorized are always accessible.
  • Select Memorized Transaction List from the Lists menu, then click.

Delete a Memorized Transaction in QuickBooks

  • Select Memorized Transaction List from the Lists menu.
  • The transaction you want to remove should be selected.
  • Then click Delete Memorized Transaction from the drop-down menu for Memorized Transaction.
  • Choose OK.

QuickBooks for Mac desktop

  • You can create or start the transaction you want to memorize. Specify the transaction’s information in full.
  • Please remember to leave blank any fields that change for each transaction. If your utility bill expense fluctuates each month, for instance, you must leave the Amount field empty.
  • Memorization can be found under the Edit menu.

To Use a Memorized Transaction in QuickBooks

  • Select Memorized Transactions from the Lists menu.
  • Choose the deal you memorised.
  • Select Use after choosing Settings.
  • Change as needed, then choose Save.
    • Select Memorized Transactions from the Lists menu.
    • Choose the deal you memorized.
    • Select Edit Memorized Transaction from the Edit menu.
    • Change the transaction information as needed, then click Save.
    • Select Delete Memorized Transaction to remove the transaction from your system.

If two Remembered Transactions Have the Same Due Date, You can Group Them Together

  • Select Memorized Transactions from the Lists menu.
  • Transactions that are recalled.
  • Choose the deal you memorised.
  • Select Edit Memorized Transaction from the Edit menu.
  • Choose Transactions in a Group.
  • Choose the group you wish to add it to from the Group Name dropdown.
  • Choose OK.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can a customer payment be set up in QuickBooks as a recurring transaction?

    1. For recurrent transactions, such as recurring expenses, you can make templates in QuickBooks Online. 
    2. Except for bill payments, client payments, and time activities, you can carry out this procedure for any transaction.

  2. How do I edit transactions that QuickBooks desktop has previously memorized?

    Edit a transaction that was previously memorized:
    1. Select Memorized Transaction List from the Lists menu.
    2. Double-click the transaction you want to change from memory.
    3. Make the adjustments you desire.
    4. Pick Memorize from the top menu.
    5. Choose Replace to make changes to the transaction, or choose Add to start a new one.
    6. Choose Save & Next or Save & Close.

  3. How do I disable Quickbooks Online’s memorized transactions?

    This is how:
    1. To access the Memorized Transaction List, first click Lists.
    2. To edit a remembered transaction, select it using the right mouse button.
    3. Decide on Don’t Remind Me.
    4. Select OK.

  4. Why Would you save a QuickBooks Invoice to memory?

    Memorizing and automatically inputting transactions may save you time and money, depending on the kinds of transactions your business uses. For instance, a business that bills tenants on a regular basis for rent may Memorizes invoices for each tenant and set up QuickBooks to produce monthly invoices automatically.

  5. In QuickBooks Desktop, how do I record transactions?

    Steps Record Transactions in QuickBooks:-
    1. Find the Banking option by navigating.
    2. Choose the command Use Register.
    3. Select an account from the drop-down menu.
    4. On the bank account, click.
    5. Select OK.
    6. Enter the date of the transaction, whether it was a deposit or a payment, in the Date column.

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