How to restore a portable file in QuickBooks

User Query: We’re using QuickBooks Enterprise version and we have a problem to create Portable Company File through remote access, got an error message saying: You may not have sufficient permissions to create portable company file from this computer. So how I restore or take a backup of a portable file in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is a widely used software solution that fits in the accounting procedure requirements of both small and medium enterprises. However, there are instances where the data stored in the software gets lost because of various reasons, including power cut, ransomware virus, system crash, etc.

This is where restoring a file in QuickBooks (portable) is looked up to.

Note: QuickBooks Portable file does not include followings:

  • Message Templates
  • Logos
  • Images
  • .tlg Files
  • .log Files
  • Loan Manager
  • Statement Writer
  • Fixed Asset Manager Files

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What is a QuickBooks Portable Company File?

You want to know what a portable company file in Restore a Portable File in QuickBooks, The QuickBooks portable company file or QBM is a compact and efficient copy or replica of your financial data. It stores and retrieves financial data conveniently and is able to send the same via email or other portable media as and when required.

These files do not include templates, images, logos, and letters. There is no transaction log file (.TLG file), which can help restore data even if you take assistance from a technical support team.

It is the best tool to take care of the data problems as QB always re-indexes the data while restoring the files. Hence, most of the issues related to your financial data could be automatically resolved when you create and restore these files.

Some Important Points Are

Before you take into consideration the steps to restore the company file, there are certain points to remember:

  • You have to ensure that the QuickBooks software version you’re using is the latest one. Only then, you can make sure the troubleshooting is accurate.
  • To create and restore the portable QB file, it is necessary to log in as an Administrator.
  • If you share the copy of the portable file with anyone, the person will automatically get access to the files and will easily be able to add, modify or delete data along with being able to change the Administrator password also.
  • Try using an accountant’s copy when you are sending the transactional data to the accountant.
  • Do not overwrite the original file while restoring the data. It is recommended to rather rename it.

How To Get Back Lost Data Using portable File in QuickBooks?

Know how to create a portable company file in QuickBooks, follow the steps below:

Step I – Create a Portable QuickBooks File

  1. Go to QuickBooks
  2. Choose File
  3. Select Create Copy
  4. Click on Portable Company File (QBM)
  5. Click Next
  6. Click the dropdown arrow for Save in
  7. Select Desktop
  8. Choose Save
  9. Click OK
  10. Again, click OK

Step II – Restore a Portable QuickBooks File

  1. Go to QuickBooks
  2. Choose File
  3. Select Open or Restore Company
  4. Click on Restore a portable file
  5. Click Next
  6. Choose the portable file
  7. Click Open
  8. Select Next
  9. Browse to the folder you want to save the restored file

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[You might want to connect with experts to know if you have saved the QuickBooks restored file to the correct location.]

  1.  Click Save

In case you get stuck at any stage of the process of creating or restoring data, you can connect with QuickBooks experts available on LIVE CHAT for instant assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I save a QuickBooks portable file and after that I email it?

    If you are using QuickBooks Desktop 1st you need to create & open QuickBooks portable file to quickly move your data or fix issues.
    Note: It is always advised to take a back-up of your files.
    To Create
    Start QuickBooks as an Admin > Move to Menu & Choose Create Copy > Find Portable company file & select Next > Rename Portable file to a New One > Get a Location to Save It > Once Ready, Select Save & OK
    To Open
    Open QB and log in as an admin > Go to the File menu & select Open or Restore Company > Select Restore a portable file, then select Next > Select your portable company file. It should look like this: [Unique company file name] .qbm. Then select Open > Read the notes on the Where do you want to restore the file page, then select Next > When you’re start to open your file, choose Save.
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    To Email
    Select Menu > Select a portable file > Next > Select Client Activities > Confirm you want to send a portable file’s copy and click Next > Choose a dividing date > Enter recipient’s e-mail address, name > Enter your e-mail address and re-enter it to confirm it is correct.
    QuickBooks uses this e-mail address to send a copy to your recipient’s.

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