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QuickBooks allows customers to set up an email service on Set Up Email in QuickBooks Desktop like AOL, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, Cox mail, Roadrunner, Bellsouth & Other webmail ids. However, users may have difficulty while sending and receiving reports, as well as performing other invoice transactions when using email services in QuickBooks.

So, if you are using this service but are facing some issues? Are you not sure about how to setup email in QuickBooks? Don’t bother! We have it covered for you! Just go through this blog. Here, we will tell you from scratch, about how to configure various webmail’s in QuickBooks desktop and ways to resolve some common errors related to QuickBooks emailing issues.

The Benefits of Using QuickBooks Email Setup

Well, as we mentioned above, there are various other benefits of setting up email in QuickBooks. Some of the benefits include:

  • You can email invoices to your customers whenever they need them.
  • We send invoices and reminders of payments to customers.
  • Some customers use it to store contact information for their vendors. Some customers use it as a storage device for their own contacts.
  • It also helps in importing data from spreadsheets.
  • We provide vendors with the kind of information they need to grow their businesses.

Keep These Points in Mind When Setup Email in QuickBooks Desktop

First things first! You need to keep certain things in mind before setting up email in QuickBooks desktop. You can create a new Outlook profile or use your existing one QuickBooks email settings. You will also need the following-


To continue this process you need to create an outlook profile first.

Here’s how:

  • Outlook Username & password
  • Address of the Incoming mail server
  • Address of the Outgoing mail server
  • Incoming email server type

If you are not sure about these details, you may contact your Internet Service provider (ISP).

Cannot Access your Webmail Password on QuickBooks Desktop

If you are trying to send email, but your system tells you your password is incorrect, try setting up the password for the webmail account.

How to easily switch from QuickBooks Desktop back to Outlook

  • Go to ‘QuickBooks Edit‘ menu
  • Click on ‘Preferences
  • Select ‘Forms
  • Choose Outlook and click ‘OK

QB 2018: Provides for Gmail and Hotmail/ Lives user in the UK, USA, and Canada.

QuickBooks 2017 R5 and newer versions: Provides for Gmail users for the USA only.

QuickBooks 2017, older and R4 version: No Secure Webmail available.

Important Note: If you want to add SSL encryption to your QB company file, then use a strong password for this important file.

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Email Options in QuickBooks

Before discussing further, you must learn all of the email options in QuickBooks. It can happen that you might not be able to find the options for a particular email at their desktop setting if they run into some or the other issue. You might also want to change which version other than the ones listed below if needed.

  1. Outlook: If you use Microsoft Outlook, then you can access their support site. Their website is easier to use than most email clients.
  2. QuickBooks Email: Another option is the QuickBooks email plugin, which lets you access your account with a few clicks. Users may also prefer the outlook plugin.
  3. Webmail: This webmail feature was launched in 2011 to provide a seamless transition for users switching from Gmail, Yahoo or any email service provider.

Step-by-step Procedure on How to Setup Email in QuickBooks

You have various options for email integration with QuickBooks. Some of these are WebMail, Outlook, and QuickBooks email. Sometimes, users of Google Mail might face issues in pairings up with the web-mail option. To initiate setup you will need to configure QuickBooks with the emails that use different applications such as Outlook or Gmail etc.

Make sure your MS Outlook is compatible with your QuickBooks version. The steps are easy to follow and our team of experts can help you find the best solution.

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How to Set Up QuickBooks Email for Outlook

Please follow the below-mentioned steps for QuickBooks email setup –

  1. Set up Outlook as an Email client
  2. If you do not have an existing Outlook account, you need to create one
  3. If you have an existing outlook account, log into it with the help of your username & password.
  4. Now open QuickBooks
  5. From the Edit menu, click on Preferences
email edit preferences
  • Click Send Forms
send forms my preferences outlook
  • Click Outlook  & then hit OK

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How to Steps to Set up Email Service in Webmail

  • Connect with Secure Webmail.
  • From the Edit menu, click on Preferences
  • Click Send Forms
email QuickBooks webmail
  • From the available options, click the radio button named  Webmail
  • Now, enter the Email Ids you wish to use for Emailing in QuickBooks
  • Check the “enhance the security” box.
  • Click OK.
  • Once you see the Login Page, sign in.
  • Allow Intuit access.

Note : Using QuickBooks software with a hosted environment, such as right network, may require you to sign in to your webmail account first.

Depending on your internet service provider, QB can automatically provide Webmail server and port settings for Gmail, Yahoo and other popular email services.

When using a different email, you can choose your email service provider. However, please verify this with your ISP before setting up webmail.

  • Go to ‘QuickBooks Edit menu‘ and select ‘Preferences‘ and Send Forms.
  • Select ‘Webmail‘ and click ‘Add‘.
  • Login credentials must be provided.
  • Click ‘OK‘ to save the changes.
webmail configuration in QuickBooks

Note: Unlike Secure Webmail, QuickBooks Desktop requires you to provide your password when you send an email using regular webmail.

If you find that QB Desktop continues to reject your password, it’s worth noting that certain webmail providers (such as Gmail, Yahoo, and others) implement a two-step verification process. It’s advisable for users to review their account settings to ensure that this feature is properly configured.

For Cox users, it’s important to be aware that Cox’s default SMTP settings do not involve SSL or require login credentials when sending emails. However, QuickBooks Desktop operates more effectively with SSL connections and necessitates the provision of login information. Consequently, attempting to use SMTP on port 25 without an SSL connection might not be compatible with QuickBooks Desktop. A viable alternative is to configure your settings to utilize SSL along with port 587 or 465 for a smoother integration with QuickBooks Desktop.

Users of CableOne should use the following information since CableOne uses Google servers.

  • Email Address: Your Email ID
  • Email Provider: Gmail
  • Port: 587 or 465
  • SSL: Yes

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Important Steps to Follow for email configuration in QuickBooks Regular Webmail

Before starting the webmail process, we would recommend you to follow the below-mentioned steps and verify the port and server information with the Internet Service Provider (ISP)-

  • The webmail server and port settings are determined by the ISP.
  • In QuickBooks, fill  the necessary details for some of the major providers such as Hotmail/Live, Yahoo and Gmail.
  • Find the server’s IP address and port number.
  • Set up is successful once you follow the steps on the screen.

For QuickBooks Desktop users in U.S:

ISP (Internet Service Provider)SMTP ServerSMTP Port
1AND1.comsmtp.1and1.com587 (SSL enabled, with password)
ADELPHIAmail.adelphia.net110 or 587* (SSL enabled for incoming and outgoing mail server)
Bell Southmail.bellsouth.net110
Compuservesmtp.compuserve.com110 or 587 
Cox Businesssmarthost.coxmail.com25
Cox Centralsmtp.central.cox.net25
Cox Eastsmtp.east.cox.net25
Cox Westsmtp.west.cox.net25
Earthlinksmtpauth.earthlink.net25 (with password)
Microsoft Outlook 365Coutlook.office365.com587 (SSL enabled)
Netscapesmtp.isp.netscape.com25 (SSL enabled)
Prodigysmtp.prodigy.net25 (SSL enabled)
Sprint PCSsmtp.sprintpcs.com25

For QuickBooks Desktop users in Canada:

ISP (Internet Service Provider)SMTP ServerSMTP Port
MICROSOFT OUTLOOK 365outlook.office365.com587 (SSL enabled)
BELL MAILsmtphm.sympatico.ca25 (or 587 if port 25 does not work)

In this blog, we tried to share all the information you need related to setting up email in QuickBooks. We hope, after going through the blog and the steps mentioned therein, you will find it easier to set up email in QuickBooks on your own.

QuickBooks releases maintenance releases and product (software) upgrades on a regular basis to address any issues, add features and additions, and update compliance data.

There may be many reasons like:

  • Make sure QuickBooks isn’t set to run as an administrator.
  • Check to see if your email preferences in QuickBooks are right.
  • In Internet Explorer, make sure your email preferences are right.
  • By emailing a document from Microsoft Word, you can test and restore your MAP132.dll.
  • Re-install QuickBooks using Clean Install.

Finally, you can get advice from our specialist so that you can properly repair email service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

On which Versions of QuickBooks can I use Secure Webmail?

You can use secure webmail only if you have the latest QuickBooks versions. The following versions of QuickBooks facilitate connection through a secure webmail-
1. QuickBooks 2017- Available in R5 and later versions, only for Gmail users in the U.S.
2. QuickBooks 2018- Available only for Hotmail/live & Gmail users in the UK, U.S.  & Canada
3. QuickBooks 2019 & 2020 – Available for Yahoo mail, Gmail, AOL, Windows mail, Hotmail etc.
4. QuickBooks 2021 – Available for Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Bellsouth, Roadrunner, AOL, Windows mail, Hotmail etc.

Why does my QuickBooks unable to send emails? I’m unable to send invoices via AOL using our “company” email address!

There are some potential causes that make some users are unable to send invoices by an email when using QuickBooks so please check these:
1. It is possible that the email preference has been configured wrongly.
2. A QuickBooks installation that is broken.
3. The domain administrator was disabled.

Why QuickBooks Will Not Accept My Webmail Password?

Know how you can solve webmail password issues in QuickBooks Desktop when you use email services like Gmail or Yahoo! Mail. If you find a pop up about a QuickBooks incorrect email or password. Here’s what to look for to ensure that nothing hinders you from sending messages to your vendors and customers.
Step 1: Update your QuickBooks to the latest release. Then send yourself a test transaction through email.
Step 2: Check your QuickBooks email settings as well as filtering preferences These could be accidentally blocking your QuickBooks emails.
Step 3: Check your antivirus settings that may accidentally block the connection. Check your Excluded Processes list in your antivirus software. To allow them to run freely, add these names to the list:
1. QBW32.exe – C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks [year]\QBW32.exe
2. QBDBMGRN.exe – C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks [year]\QBDBMgrN.exe
3. QBDBMGR.exe – C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks [year]\QBDBMgr.exe

What do I do if QuickBooks freezes and shuts down as soon as I hit send forms in Preferences, while sending an email?

QuickBooks releases maintenance releases and product (software) upgrades on a regular basis to address any issues, add features and additions, and update compliance data.
QuickBooks releases maintenance releases and product (software) upgrades on a regular basis to address any issues, add features and additions, and update compliance data.
There may be many reasons like:
1. Make sure QuickBooks isn’t set to run as an administrator.
2. Check to see if your email preferences in QuickBooks are right.
3. In Internet Explorer, make sure your email preferences are right.
4. By emailing a document from Microsoft Word, you can test and restore your MAP132.dll.
5. Re-install QuickBooks using Clean Install.

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